Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Fun 2015

Summer didn't really start until we got back from Branson a couple weeks ago. It had been cold and rainy but the day we got back from vacation the sun was out and has been out nonstop! We have been taking full advantage of the warm weather and we've had some very full days.

Since our apartment is quite small, we have been spending time on the front lawn during Boston's naps so I don't have to shush the girls every two seconds. (It's basically our backyard and we have a video monitor) Here are my pretty girls in between practicing cartwheels and chalk drawing:

I love my girls!

They are so crazy! 

Or, as Wendy has hilariously started saying, "cray-cray":

And when my little dude wakes up... he joins us!

The girls love going to Costco. It's got samples (or "ee-zamples" as Jane calls them) but most importantly, it's got BOXES! Jane likes to spend a few minutes picking out the perfect tea party table EVERY time we go. Here are the girls having a tea party (water and blueberries) that they set up all by themselves (oh, and Wendy is wearing a 24 month top and skirt I randomly found in a bin and my 5T wearing 3.5-year-old claimed the outfit and wears it at least twice a week). They invited Brandt to join them and they had a "delightful" time discussing princesses and how to make blueberries.

 Boston wasn't invited to the tea party but he has his own crowd he hangs with. Here's Boss at a park with his buddies Gwen and Alana. His first besties.

Poor Boss. Surrounded by girls. While I was making lunch, Jane was in her room aka hair salon. She carried him out to show me his new hair style. It's nice, right?

She was very proud of it and he LOVED it.

He got the headband off but we kept the bow on for a few minutes cause he looked like a little present :)

You may start feeling bad for Boss but trust me, he earned this one. Stinker wouldn't stop climbing into a hole I was digging at the beach so... this happened. Consequences buddy...

We've been spending lots of time downtown too. On Wednesdays, Wendy has gymnastics near Brandt's work so we met up for lunch this week at his favorite fish taco place. I love these two together!

After naps that same day we met up with our frinds who are moving to Utah next week so they could go to the Skokie Exploritorium one more time. I love these two together too! I'm going to miss them SOOOO much!

Today we went to the beach with our same friends for the last time and Nicole made the girls into sand mermaids and then sand butterflies! She' is amazing!

The girls LOVED it! Nicole is way more fun than me...

And afterward we went for slurpies because it was hot outside AND we just HAD to try the new Sour Patch watermelon flavor.

 For the record... it's sour.

Now for some more summer fun!!

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