Wednesday, August 05, 2015

First Haircut/First Boy Chase

Boston is 14 months old! I've touched up his hair as it's grown in/fallen out just to fix any patchiness but I wouldn't have considered those his FIRST haircut. His hair has been sticking over his ears and flipping out in the back so I was just going to touch that up when I decided to just give him his first haircut. I can't believe I did it! I kind of regret it because I wanted his hair to be long and thick and take him to a stylist around age 2 for his first haircut but he was distracted by Baby Einstein and I just went for it.

He definitely doesn't look like a baby anymore!

Little dude played "peek-a-boo" all on his own to me today for the first time!

He also loves mimicking sounds, especially his sister's screeches and my coos.

He went down for a nap (still 2 a day) and then we gave him a mo-hawk and headed to a park.

Today was full of firsts! Boss climbed up the stairs and went down the slide all by himself! He did it a few times before I got him on video. It was so cute seeing his sense of discovery the first time he scooted himself closer to the edge until he went down the slide.

I'm so proud of him for being so brave!

He's still crawling with one knee and one straight leg (his peg leg crawl) but he took his FIRST steps this last weekend! Brandt was holding his hands and walking towards me and when Brandt let go, Boston took three steps toward me! It was the best feeling! Our whole family saw it and clapped and applauded him. He even clapped :)

These two. They love each other so much.

Ha! I LOVE LOVE this picture of Boston AND the look on Jane's face.

He also clasped his hands together and made the rowing motion to the song Row Row Row Your Boat this week! I don't know where he learned it but when we sing it he does it and gives the biggest smile. I just can't get enough of him. He points to his A/C when we get him from his nap because he knows we pick him up and then walk over to the A/C to turn it off. He just discovered pointing and it's pretty much my favorite.

While I was playing with Wendy and Boston at the park, Jane was off playing with a friend from her Kindergarten class and another girl they just met at the park. I loved watching her play with them. She was different today. She always played with boys AND girls equally but today she teamed up with the girls and stuck to them like glue.

There was a boy who was just teasing them and asking for attention and they were happy to give it to him. She spent half the time doing cartwheels and flips with the girls and the rest of the time chasing that boy with her friends.

It's beginning! Chasing boys! 3 on one... not very fair Jane!

I'm not ready for this new phase Jane is in. I want my 3 year old Jane back! I'm not ready for Boston to grow up either. I would be fine if he stayed the same age his whole life! And Wenders, I've got to enjoy her RIGHT now because I have a feeling I'm going to want 3 year old Wendy back when she's chasing boys in a few years!

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