Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wishing all days were like this

Yesterday I let the girls watch a show called, "Creative Galaxy" on Amazon while Boston napped so they'd be quiet and so I could get stuff done on the computer. After the episode was over Jane got SO excited to do the craft that the kids did at the end of the show. She asked if she could but I didn't know what she was talking about so we watched that part together and then made a plan of how we could make a fun and crafty snack table.

We got to work. I grabbed the colored paper, scissors and glue and Jane and Wendy dug through the recycling bin looking for stuff we could use. We probably worked on the table for a good hour and a half before it got to this point:

My favorite parts were probably Wendy's people (the person in the canoe and orange person in front of the tree) and the grass Wendy made because she did it all on her own without any instruction or help. I also really liked Jane's tree with the coconuts. What you don't see in that picture:

Luckily they were CHAMPS at cleaning it up before they were allowed to choose the snacks for the table. Here are my proud girls about 2 hours after Jane decided we should do this project:

With the mess cleaned, table set with lots of snacks (my favorite now is Jane's alligator snack cup), the girls were ready to dig in. They had the most random lunch (bread, goldfish, grapes, cheese, pepperoni, rice, etc) but had lots of fun. Boston took a 2.5 hours nap (!!) so it worked out perfect (there were scissors all over the ground during our craft and we all know what happened to Boss last time he got a hold of scissors...)

They basically destroyed the house with crumbs but it was nothing I couldn't handle after locking them all out on the balcony for a little while :) After cleaning up the mess we hopped on our bikes and went on a ride to the bank for laundry quarters (I did 7 loads on Tuesday!). Jane and Wendy rode over a mile to the bank and REALLY wanted to stop and play at the 6 different parks we passed on the way but we were on a time limitation for Boston's next nap so we couldn't and they were sad. We got to the bank, got their suckers, my quarters (and Jane found a quarter!) and were just about to start our ride home when they spotted a park I had never noticed before. They were ok with 10 minutes of park time so we rode over to it and had some fun. Here are the girls after I said, "Make a pose!" (cannot get over Wenders):

After 15 minutes (I gave them 5 extra because I'm a nice mom), we got on our bikes and headed home. Wendy was a rock star! She coasted a quarter mile straight on her balance bike down a slight hill at one point! I rode behind her and was almost in tears at how well she was doing keeping her balance (there was lots of cheering). She is SO ready for Jane's real bike but I think we're going to wait until Jane's birthday when we get her a new bike and can then make her old bike Wendy's. She's not even four and she is SO ready!

We got home, got Boss down for another nap and spent some time coloring on each other, playing tic tac toe and wrestling. Here's Wendy's new mustache:

We had to run over to the produce market for some green beans for dinner and when we got back there was a package for Jane... a new book from Aunt Angela! The girls were quiet AND happily sitting next to each other looking at the book for an HOUR unmonitored while I made dinner! This. Never. Happens. I basically owe Angela my life.

I overcooked the pork pucks chops (new recipe), Boston had 5 messy diapers (7 the day before) and there was rice ALL over my living room for a good part of the day BUT it was a fantastic day. There was love in our home, there was fun in our home and when I put the kids down for the night I had no regrets.

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