Saturday, September 19, 2015

Apple Picking 2015

Last year we went "apple picking" for the first time ever but when we got there they had a sign out front that said, "No u-pick apples this year." We were bummed and while we managed to have a fun time, we knew we'd have to try again the next year. So, fall 2015 came and we went to a highly recommended place. Success! Not only where there apples. there were thousands of apples, thousands of honey crisp apples!

Some apple-loving kids all ready to pick some apples!

First apples, straight off the tree!

I know this was just heaven for Wendy, the girl who asked for an apple-themed birthday the year before.

Jane loved picking the apples and would have filled up our bag within a minute had we not stopped her. She's a good apple picker!

Cute girl, yummy apple.

And, as you'll see from the following pictures, this is about all Boston did the whole time. Munch, munch, munch.

Eating on the job...

Still munching away.

My apple picking helpers!

Someone offered to take our picture and while I'm happy to always be the one taking pictures instead of being in them and even though Boston was chomping away instead of smiling, I'm glad we got a picture of all of us together.

 My little family:

 My two boys in their matching black shirts and hoodies:

Taking a break from picking apples to... eat them!

My little chickies all in a row.

Wendy! I love this picture. she looks so... inspirational?

Classic "jump in the air shot". I'll give her a 10 out of 10. Perfect.

Wendy's turn!

This is one of my favorite pictures too.

I can't believe I made grew those three humans!

Ok, so I love all these photos but this one is probably my absolute favorite. Brandt is an amazing dad and loves his kids SO much. Seeing him hold Boston and knowing he wanted to and seeing Wendy (who is 100% a daddy's girl) wrap her little arm around his leg to hold onto him just fills my heart with so much joy. I'm a lucky girl.

Was it a good day? No question.

After we picked two+ fridge drawers worth, we met up with some friends down the street at another orchard for some donuts, cider and lunch. I think this should be a tradition. What an amazing day.

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