Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Jane's First Day of 1st Grade

Ok, all you "old" people who told me to enjoy every minute because it "goes so fast"... you were right.

Dropping Jane off at Kindergarten last year wasn't hard but today was beyond difficult. I'm clearly not the center of her universe anymore and dropping her off without so much as a goodbye glance from her was heartbreaking. I have been noticing this change in her for the past few months and I won't stand for it. She just simply can't grow up. I think we're going to have a talk tomorrow about my needs :)

She woke up this morning really excited, coming into our room at 7:03am with the announcement, "It's seven zero three so it's time for you to get up so I can go to first grade!" We had breakfast, got dressed for school and then went outside for some pictures. On our bike ride over she started getting quiet and distant and wouldn't talk to me about it. I hadn't realized that my outgoing Jane might be getting nervous but she definitely was. As we waited for her to enter the building, no parents allowed, I don't think she took one breath as she stood there holding hands with her friend Candy. I watched her walk in and almost cried the whole way home wanting to run back and give her a big hug. She was missed, big time.

When we picked her up from school she was super quiet too. She looked like she was going to cry. I could tell she had had a LONG day and she wasn't expecting so much to change between Kindergarten and 1st grade. I asked her all about it, doing the whole, what was awesome, what was different, what was funny, what was sad, etc questions and I never got anything positive out of her. She was sad because a boy drew on her picture and then her friend laughed about it and she was also sad there wasn't a guitar (her teacher last year played the guitar and was REALLY into singing and music which is Jane's LOVE). My heart breaks for her. Part of me hopes she can adjust and figure it out but part of me wants her to not have to and get back what she had last year. Ugh... parenting. It's hard.

Well, who knows what tomorrow will bring but I will be sure to hug her millions of times before she's out in public so I can get my fill because I love this girl... my first baby.

My sweet Jane:

Getting too big for her britches:

Who's going to first grade?

I asked for a silly face. This definitely counts:

Silly girl:

Wendy had to give Jane a big hug before we took her to school. We all missed her!

"Ahhhhhh! The hand is going to get me!"

You know, just a couple of cool kids waiting for the crossing guard to give 'em the ok to cross:

Wendy kind of enjoyed Jane being gone actually. There's no way she would have been able to drink the last bit of juice out of the carton if Jane was there. Wendy asked for a cup and I surprised/shocked her with telling her she could drink out of the carton.

After I picked her up we headed to the celebratory place of her choosing, Lickity Split. She got to pick out 7 pieces of candy since she's 6... which is almost 6 and a half... which is almost 7 :)

Crazy kids. Jane and Wendy doing who knows what and Boss finishing the end of my cone:

My first grader surprise hugging her siblings. We love you too Jane! Please stop growing up!

Now... let's have an awesome school year!

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