Sunday, September 06, 2015

Last Week of Summer!

It's been one of those weeks where lots of terrible things happen and you just feel like you're drowning. However, I managed to take pictures of my kids during all the fun/good moments so when I look back on the last week before school starts again and Jane goes to first grade, I'll remember the good moments and the bad moments will hardly have existed. Here is our week during the good times:

This week we watched a lot of shows during Boston's naps. It keeps them quiet, happy and entertained so I can get stuff done or rest. Before I put Boss down for a nap they were in their room playing, "Salon". They came out to show me their be-utiful accessories (including Jane's latest favorite stuffed animal all dolled up) and then set up the couch so it'd be more "comfortable" for the show.

I let one of them be in charge of choosing the shows each day and here they are showing me they can be a team about it and not argue over what they watch. We also painted nails one day, Jane got a haircut from a real salon one day and then I fixed her haircut because somehow they missed the front?? My girls seriously got pampered this week.

 You know those moments when you've just given up on caring what other people think as long as the kids stop nagging you and fighting with each other? I had one of these moments near the end of our shopping trip. Jane told Wendy to hop in and after warning them they could get hurt, I had them sign a mental waiver of responsibility and let Jane push Wendy around in the little shopping cart. Shopping with three kids just got easier! Why didn't I think about this at the beginning of summer?!?

Side note: Wendy started roaring around the house saying, "I'm a eyesore!" (meaning "I'm a dinosaur") I feel slightly guilty for not correcting her but it just makes me laugh every time!

After 2 parks on Monday, 1 park and a haircut adventure on Tuesday, we hit up the beach on Wednesday! Wendy was given a couple new swimsuits from a friend and the moment I said "beach" she ran in her room and shouted for her "swimsuit with dots"! I wasn't even sure it would fit her but sure enough it was not only a perfect fit, it was the perfect color for her. I think burnt orange is Wendy's color for life.

 Earlier this week Jane found some money in the meters so naturally she saved one quarter for her and one for her sister so they could get tootsie roll pops from Sonny's on the way to the beach. First off, I love that she always wants Wendy to get one and will always make sure she has a quarter for Wenders. Second, isn't Wendy just the cutest thing?

This beach adventure, Jane found a girl a few years older and played with her the whole time, Wendy played mostly by herself in and out of the water and Boston pretty much stayed by my side while I caught some much needed rays (though he did try chasing a few seagulls using his ape-crawl). Near the end of our visit I dug a really deep whole. I told Jane to get in it so I could bury her and she was more than happy to oblige. She WASN'T happy when Boston decided to play the "throw sand in Jane's face" game. I thought it was a funny game...

On Thursday we had planned on going to Oz Park because it's a sweet wooden park that we keep seeing on the way to church each Sunday. We set up a playdate with some friends but when we got there it was closed for minor repair! We were so bummed we missed it being open by a week but there was another park down the street AND the DQ next to it was open (and that's the real reason I wanted to go to this park anyway... shhhhhh). Here are the girls after lots of playing and ice cream cones: (a note on Wendy's outfit-- she was so proud of herself for picking a matching outfit, "See! Stripes and stripes!", she said. I couldn't argue with that.)

This isn't a great picture and I thought about not sharing it but I wanted to remember why he was smiling like that. I had put Wendy to bed but Brandt was still reading to Jane in her room so Boss was out roaming the apartment. I tried taking his picture but it didn't work out and then I turned on the flash for fun. He thought the flash was the funniest thing and you can tell by that big grin I caught after the third one. Speaking of this little dude, on Friday we took him for his FIFTEEN month check-up! Slow down there Bossy! He did great and gave the Dr. lots of smiles (till his 4 shots). Here are his stats: Weight- 23lbs 13oz (40th%) Height- 32in (75th%) Head- 18 3/4in (60th%)

He also learned how to "meow" this week and I can't get enough of his "meow" AND his cute little giggle he does in between his "meows" EVERY. TIME. He also made his first joke tonight! At dinner, Wendy showed us all that bread got stuck in her front teeth and Boston thought it was hilarious so he would put his bread in his mouth and leave his mouth open to show us the bread. He probably did it about 639 times and we all laughed every time. Another first at dinner tonight was him saying "all done"!!!! It's pretty much one of 3 things he says but I'm so happy he can communicate that! Here is Bossycat's meow:

Lastly, a bit of relaxing comic reading on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Little reading lover dug through my paper, cut out all the "coupons" that looked good to her (really she just cuts out pictures from the ads every Sunday of the things she likes and puts them in a ziploc bag) and then she found the comics to read. Talk about growing up... isn't she supposed to ask ME to read them to her?!

A new week is beginning and I am excited for it. We're going to make it a good one no matter what comes our way!

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