Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Random September

Random photos and fun from the month of September:

I dropped Wendy off at school one day and on the way back to the bike trailer with Boston I noticed the beauty of the lake so I had to take a picture of my two favorite things of that moment. I'll always be in awe of the lake no matter how long we live here.

Typical walk home from school. Jane was so proud of teaching Wendy how to climb up the street light.

My cute first grader has been rocking and enjoying school since after the first hard, transitional day! She even runs and jumps in my arms with the biggest smile at pick up, which a mommy needs after missing her first baby all day!

One Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to go apple picking in Wisconsin. Apples are Wendy's most favorite thing in life. It was a dream for my little 3.5 year old... unlimited apples! (She was mid munch here)

I cannot even believe Brandt could lift Jane that high! But, she wanted to pick an apply from up there so he did what any dad is required to do... the heavy lifting :)

Boston is also a super fan of apples. If you look closely you'll see something in his hand. That USED to be an apple. He ate the entire thing (except the stem which I scraped out of his mouth).

Wendy can draw! I can't remember what she said this was but she just sat down and drew it with purpose. I am enjoying watching the creativity start to flow in her little head!

Boston wasn't feeling too well this day during Wendy's speech therapy. He laid like this almost the entire hour. Poor boy! Sad but also so precious!

Lastly, Wendy walked into my bathroom while I was doing my hair and after exploring, she found a bottle of my chloraseptic spray. She held it up for closer examination and said, "Is THIS blood?!" Ha!

A couple other funny moments I recorded this month:

Wendy woke up to go potty so we took her out to the balcony to see the blood moon lunar eclipse. Her takeaway, "Wow, it's dark outside! Those people are awake, those people are awake, those people are awake..." This 3 year old obviously doesn't get out much after the sun goes down. ‪#‎sixthirtybedtime‬

Boston was sprawled out on the hardwood floor and when Jane saw him she screamed, "Dad, you gotta see Boston! He's sooo cute, like a dead bird in the middle of the street!" Wish I could go inside that crazy head of hers and look around

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