Monday, September 14, 2015

Wendy Mae: First Day of Preschool 2015

After waiting SO patiently for her day... it finally came! Little miss Wendy started preschool today! We are doing it through the park district again this year so she goes to Berger Park MWF for 3 hours each day.

She was SO excited. We set out her clothes and had her snack and school supplies all packed up last night. Before we left for school we took some photos of this cute girl:

She has so much spunk. She's like 56 different children all in one little body. It's so hard to believe she's only three. It also feels like this should be her last year of preschool but she has one more year next year.

I LOVE that Wendy got to wear the same outfit Jane did when Jane started preschool a couple years ago:

We went upstairs to get Boston and before we started our bike ride to school I had to take some MORE photos of Wenders because come on... look at her!

She sure does have one amazing smile!

After a few minutes she started hamming it up:

Shifty eyes! My favorite!

Ok, now this face. She was completely happy when she made it and was only trying to make a funny face but this is the face I get from her whenever I tell her "no" and it's always joined by a "NO FAIR!" and a foot stomp. She is SO expressive/emotional!

 Smiles again after our bike ride to her school! Here's to hoping Berger Park is a bigger success than Loyola Park last year. She refused to go after Winter session last year because her friend switched parks and she had a bad (overtired) day one day. Fingers crossed!

When we walked in she was super shy and hid behind my legs. A couple minutes after the teacher told the kids they could play with the toys she hesitantly started exploring and eventually quietly pulled out some toys to play with. I gave her a kiss and headed out with a very unhappy Boston (he wanted to stay and play). At pick-up the teacher said she wouldn't participate in music time and instead just laid on the couch but other than that she had a great day! When I asked her what her favorite part was, she said, "my friends". She also told me that one of her friends liked her hair clip. That meant a lot to Wendy who is very much a girly girl. She plans to wear her puzzle hair bow on Wednesday to show her friends :)

We left straight for Costco and a couple other places and on the drive home, her and Boston fell asleep in the car. School must have been exhausting! We bike over to Jane's school to pick her up and then we all biked over to Lickity Split to celebrate Wendy!

We met up with Ina, Wendy's friend, who ALSO started school today (different park) and Jane and Ina had ice cream while Wendy decided to get some gummy candies.

Crazy faces!

Hopefully soon we can get these two cuties at the same park for preschool because they are great friends together! Have a great year girls!!


Bianca said...

Love this! I feel like I was watching over her since she was a Bergers Park haha

Bianca said...

Love this! I feel like I was watching over her since she was a Bergers Park haha