Friday, October 02, 2015

Building, apples and hats

I just realized it's been half a month since I've updated this blog so it's more than time for an update on the crazy crew!

Jane building a fire truck at Lowe's:

Jane is doing really well in school. She is acing math and reading and has a million friends. She hates school lunch (unless it's chicken and bread sticks, in which case her friends give them all to her and she eats way more than a 6-year-old should) and always asks me to pack one for her (school lunch is free in Chicago). I send her with a lunch about twice a week because otherwise she only eats a fruit and drinks milk. She's always starving when I pick her up.

She has been super sweet to me lately and tells me I'm the best mom ever multiple times a day. She tries doing "service" for me to make me feel happy. She's a super fan of tacos, always puts Boston in his high chair at meals, is obsessed with her teddy bear, and still loves to be tickled. She is in soccer after school and is totally one of those girls who would rather be anywhere else and doesn't try very hard. Doesn't help she has to run a good half mile at the beginning of each class. She is also in gymnastics and really loves that. She currently wants to be a singer and graphic designer when she grows big.

Wendy building her firetruck at the same Build-and-Grow event at Lowe's:

Wenders! This girl is a fireball! My favorite moments with her are when she looks at me with a straight face, waits for me to respond with a facial expression and when I smile she smiles back real big as if she's saying, "Ok, phew! I'm not in trouble!" Ha! She changes her clothes 4 times a day and changes dress-ups 10 times a day. She either wants to be in a leotard with a tu-tu or a "spinny dress" and always requests I put on princess music for her to dance to. She hates real clothes. Her favorite princess is Cinderella (not really the princess per se but the dresses and accessories Cinderella wears). She is loving school and gives me two hugs before class each day prior to running in and playing with her friends. I'm so glad school is a success so far! She also loves gymnastics and is so good at it. She's built for gymnastics (she's really strong) and you can tell she feels accomplishment in it.

She totally rode Jane's bike last month without training wheels! I knew she could do it for months but we finally tried it and success! She is a little small for Jane's bike but by next May, when we get Jane a bigger bike, she should be big enough for it. I'd say Wendy is 90% done sucking her thumb and that 10% is only occasionally at night. I'm so proud of her! I can tell she's trying SO hard to stop. She loves baths and is always telling me her armpits are stinky so I'll give her one :)

Boston waiting for Wendy during gymnastics:

This boy LOVES apples! I thought Wendy does but man, give this boy an apple and he'll sit still for an hour until he eats the whole thing down to, well, this:

Needless to say, I bring apples with me to places where there will be waiting. It's the best baby sitter!

Boston! Dude! This kid. I cannot express how much I love him and how grateful I am for him. He is one amazing kid. He is so funny and makes "jokes" all the time even though the only words he says are "hi" and "da" (which he uses for "that", "yes", and every other thing he wants to say). Speaking of "hi", he's started saying it to everyone he sees and it's adorable. People are so shocked and friendly when they hear him saying it and see him waving and smiling SO big. It hasn't gotten old to me yet and I basically smile because of him the whole time I'm out in public. He LOVES to throw balls, play with cars, and have us chase after him. It's funny seeing his interest in these things because the girls have had the same toys he has but were never interested in ball or cars. It's totally got to be a nature, not nurture thing.

He loves his blankets that we try and only give to him for naps and bedtime (instead of having it and needing it all day) and loves his thumb too. He's still not a fan of milk so he really only gets dairy through food but he IS drinking water now, which I'm SO grateful for! He loves all the food we like and the girls are way pickier than him at meals. He's had chocolate cake three times this last week and you can't get it in his mouth fast enough he loves it so much!

He's walking! He started walking while I was in Texas for my brother's funeral and now (almost two months later) walks most of the time. He can't stand up on his own (he has to have a wall or chair or something to pull himself up on) so he only does his funny scoot now if he falls while walking. He did stand up on his own once this week and I got to see him do it. I was so proud of him! He does well so far with other people holding him and loves people. He even gave the man at the hardware store a high-five. He's at two naps still but is ready to drop one. I'm holding out till Wendy's schedule changes in December. Hopefully we can make it that long! I didn't see this coming because he's a pretty tired baby (the anemia) but he's about there.

He sat when I asked him to sit down for the first time today. He sits really well for me when I put his shoes and socks on but he always has to pick one sock up and throw it multiple times because he did it once a while ago and I laughed so now he does it to be funny. He also HAS to brush his own teeth after I brush them. If I don't give his toothbrush to him when I'm done he screams like life is over and if I take it before he voluntarily discards it on the floor I'm in big trouble. My boy is a teeny bit picky.

 Lastly, this is the hat Boss needs this winter. He loved it and got so mad when I put it back on the shelf. I only didn't get it because it wasn't on sale and EVERYTHING goes on sale at Target. The couponer in me makes me have patience :)

Both Wendy and Boss are super sick right now, with high fevers and bad colds but we still managed to have a wonderful day today. Love these kiddos!

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