Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Random October

 Random photos and fun from October!

 We walked into the grocery store and were greeted by a huge display of National Boss Day balloons!

Boss was having a blast with the balloons. Wendy was a little put out that it wasn't National Wendy Day.

So, since it was HIS special day we celebrated! He's the best Boss I've ever had (get it, had... delivered... whomp whomp)!

I had a pretty rough go with morning sickness this pregnancy and one particularly rough day Brandt went and got some take-out. This was my fortune! So perfect and needed!

Jane is getting bigger by the day and sometimes it's hard to see the small innocence she had as a little baby but when I am able to catch her sleeping my heart just melts. Jane and her favorite teddy she can't sleep without.

On the walk to school one morning Jane asked me to take a picture of her and Wendy. I'm not sure why exactly but I just love when these two girls are happy together!

Mom fail: I braided Jane's hair so it would be crimpy (she begged me to) and didn't do laundry  because we played all day instead of doing chores (and she had plenty of clean uniform clothes). At breakfast the next day she reminded me it was picture day (the day after Columbus Day vacation?!?!)! So... puffy hair and random clean play clothes we could find for 1st grade pictures it is!
She didn't mind!

She was hilarious and and just so excited to not have to wear blue and white!

Taking babies (Boston's age) to the library isn't really my favorite because they either just scream (a big no no in the library) or pull all the books off the shelf (also a big no no). Luckily this library has some blocks big enough to build a mini jail.

Which, unfortunately led to more screaming... ha! Wendy enjoyed it.

Wendy graduated speech therapy!

We are so proud of the effort she's put forth learning to speak clearer and learning a million new words! She is 99th% for her age (almost 4) and gained 2 whole years of speech in 6 months!

It was lunch time so I let my little graduate pick where we went to celebrate.

Why did I think she'd choose any place other than HER restaurant? Funny girl.

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