Sunday, November 01, 2015

Halloween 2015

 Halloween is my favorite with little kids. Their excitement with dressing up and pretending to be whatever their dreams can imagine is awesome. We did so much this year for Halloween. We started it off by picking up some pumkins to carve a couple weeks before Halloween.

Jane wanted to try scooping the guts first. You can just see the strength she's mustering!

I love this picture. My two girlies scooping and scraping grossness together in their dress-ups.

When Jane was Wendy's age she LOVED this part. Wendy LOVED it this year. She couldn't get enough of the goop! (Yes, her dress-up is on backwards... just about everything she puts on is backwards.)

See what I mean?!

It was a fun project with Dad. I watched and Boss napped. Perfect :)

Scary! Jane trying her hand at actual carving (and a wardrobe change for Wendy because she HAS to change her clothes every 10 minutes)!

There we go. Let's let the master take over (and limit the trips to the ER).

Jane loves owls so that was her request and Wendy wanted a silly face. They were cute while they lasted (4 days before the insides completely changed color... ew).

The day before Halloween we went to the Halloween party at the field house next to our apartment. Boston got to wear the same costume I bought for his cousin 10 years ago and the one Jane wore when she was his age. Roar!

He had just woken up from his nap so he was hesitant to smile but I still think he makes the cutest happy AND sad little tiger!

There we go! Just look at that little guy! And, with that smile we were off to get Jane from school before heading to the party.

It was dress-up day for Jane's school and she DEMANDED to wear this Elmo costume her Grandma sent us a few years ago. It sure has been put to good use. Her teacher told us that when she came back to the classroom after changing into it she got a huge cheer from the class because they LOVED it. Jane... always a crowd pleaser.

Yeah... it's a 4T costume and she's 6.5 years old. She didn't let a few inches discrepancy ruin her fun. Those straps on her legs are supposed to be under her feet :)

We made it! My Elmo, Cinderella and Tiger ready to PARTY!

I love Wendy's smile here. She is obsessed with Cinderella and wears her 3 Cinderella dresses everywhere (I stopped caring). I love that she loves all things girl.

Surprisingly, there wasn't too much candy at this activity but Boston found a few pieces and kept them in his grasp. He walked around for like 20 minutes just clenching them. 

Meanwhile, Cinderella ditched her horse for a Coupe.

Eventually I gave in and let Boston have a sucker to keep him happy while the girls played.

His first sucker... I don't think he's ever enjoyed anything as much in his entire life. Too bad I forgot wipes. He was one sticky tiger.

My other favorite part of the party was Jane's response to the absolutely terrible Michael Jackson impersonator. "He sure was a mover and a shaker!"

On the day of Halloween, we met up with our friends, the Smith family, for dinner and trick-or-treating in their neighborhood. Boston was, naturally, a Boston Red Sox player:

I love his tiny little body in his uniform.

My favorite little baseball player ever! Side note: funny story about those shoes... He had worn them for like a month and after a while would throw a fit when I put them on him. I knew they weren't too small so I didn't know what his deal was. Then, one day during church, he took them off and while I was holding them I felt something inside. The crumpled up tissue paper they stuff shoes with was in the toe of both shoes! I didn't know because someone gave them to me! Needless to say, he stopped putting up a stink when I put them on him after taking the tissue paper out :) Mom of the year!

After some fun, indoor trick-or-treating and delicious pizza, we headed out for candy! They were SO excited as they knocked on the first door!

 Aaaaaand, the lady at the first house we went to forgot to get candy and wasn't prepared for kids to come so she said she found some chips in her pantry! Ha! I give her huge props for even answering the door!

The kids didn't mind. Who doesn't love chips?! Wendy was Cinderella again and Jane was Ariel.

These two boys, Hudson and Boston (the same age), enjoyed the evening in the stroller eating said chips and suckers. I am sure they thought it was the greatest night ever.

And, after a hundred houses, these kids did two. They got to sort their candy before bed, picking 3 pieces to keep. Hahahaha! They were totally fine only keeping their three favorite pieces because I had said two and when they asked for three (they had already eaten three while trick-or-treating) I agreed. I told them I was going to give it to people who didn't get to go out for candy that evening (aka dad's work) and they were totally fine with it. I love my content girls! Next year probably won't be as easy.

It was a blast. I had some pretty bad morning sickness throughout all of this (one reason I didn't eat all their candy after bedtime) but I love seeing these pictures and their smiles. I wish they could stay young forever!

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