Sunday, November 22, 2015

One potato...

Check out my little spuds:

We are so excited to announce that our family will be growing by one on or around June 11th, 2016! We are thrilled about this little one joining our family after a not so great summer/fall and some terrible morning sickness (the worst so far). Luckily each of my babies has been worth it so far :)

And speaking of my babies, here are some outtakes from our photoshoot:

Janers: She didn't believe me that I have a baby in my belly and has asked me a few times if I really have one in there. She has been so great with Boston and he loves her so I'm sure this new one will too.

I love that she pulled these glasses out at the end of her turn. She is such a funny girl. Classy, Jane :)

Wenders: This girl. Brandt and I can't stop laughing at this picture. Everytime I'm in the other room and I hear him laughing it's because he's looking at this picture again. This sums up this 4 year old firecracker. I'm shaking in my boots thinking about the teenage years!

Wendy is the MOST excited about the baby. She keeps asking to touch my tummy (which started showing way early this time) and gives it kisses. Her and Boston struggle being buddies probably because they are both too young to know how to treat each other but I know Wendy and the new baby will be besties like Jane and Boston.

Bossy Boy: Could do no wrong in my book. No matter how terrible I felt these last couple months emotionally or physically (started feeling sick at FOUR weeks!), if he came up to me and smiled, it fixed everything for a moment. 

Boston taking a closer look at this weird thing we handed him to hold for pictures:
I'm not sure what to expect where the baby and Boston are concerned. He's still quite a baby himself and they will have really close birthdays just 2 years apart so we'll just have to wait and see!

So, bring on 2016!

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