Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Pretty Princesses

The girls were so many things this year for Halloween. They have a ginormous dress-up bin so they have lots to choose from. This year for the ward party they were princesses. Wendy got to wear the amazing Cinderella dress Grandma Brinkerhoff got her for her birthday and Jane wore their Snow White outfit. Wendy had been looking forward to being a princess for months because I told her she could wear make-up. I bought her this make-up kit from the dollar store but it did not work AT ALL so I let her wear my mascara and some real lipstick. She was in heaven. She hardly moved her face the whole night and kept her lips pursed so she wouldn't mess up her make-up. Jane wanted some too but didn't care as much and by the time we got in the car to go she was complaining about her eyes being itchy from the mascara and had smeared it everywhere. They are two very different girls. Here are some pictures of my princesses.

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