Saturday, November 28, 2015

Random November

Random photos and fun that happened in November:

Wendy loves water. She loves it in rain form, playing in the sink form or taking a bath form. We joke that the most frequent things she says are, "I'm still hungry!", "I want mom to snuggle me!" and "Can I have a bath?!" One day it was raining and I needed to grab something from the car while Boston was sleeping so I took Wendy with me and let her play in the rain for a few minutes before running back upstairs. She was in HEAVEN!

Raining one day, snowing the next! This was the first snow of the season so Brandt took the kids downstairs to play in it while I stayed warm upstairs. "If all the snowflakes were lemon drops and gumdrops..." We made homemade hot chocolate to warm everyone up (per Jane's request) when they came back up.

If there's one purchase I think was the best one of 2015, it was this hat for Boston. I can't get enough of him when he wears it! And look at that cute smile!!

Sometimes Jane just needs a little break after school and on this day she asked for popcorn and a show. Sure! She just "schooled" for 7 hours... I'd want a show and popcorn too! It was so cute seeing the three of them enjoying their snack and watching the show together on the couch.

Speaking of schooling... Jane got on the honor roll AND got perfect attendance for the first grading period! I wasn't able to make it to the ceremony so Zaylee's mom (Zaylee is pictured to the right of Jane) got a picture for me. Go Jane!

This boy. Baby boots. Amazing combo.

He LOVES walking instead of being carried when we go to and from the car. I'm pretty happy about it because he is getting pretty heavy. He's slow and almost always falls at least once but he never cries, just says a really sad "Ouch". Love him!

 The girls found my Christmas bin for next month and pulled their hats out so they naturally put on their Christmas pajamas from last year to go with the hats and got into character. This was all Jane's idea. She's hilarious.

 And a funny conversation I had with Wendy this month...

Wendy: I really want to take a bath.
Me: Ok, hop in.
Wendy: Thanks. You are my best mother.
Me: Thanks but you only say that when I do what you want. When I don't, you get angry and say mean things.
Wendy: Yeah, because that's how life works. Right?

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