Monday, November 02, 2015

Wendy Mae: 4 years!

Wendy Mae is finally 4! It's felt like she's been 4 for at least a year already but now she finally is! Our little Wendy Bendy, our Monkey Mae (she doesn't like that name but we all do), my sweet Wenders. Oh Wendy, you add a special dynamic to our home, that's for sure.

Your 4 year stats:
Weight: 42 lbs (90th%)
Height: 41 inches (75th%)

You love dancing, mostly ballet, and are actually very graceful for never having taken any ballet classes. I think you got most of it from your favorite show, Angelina Ballerina. Almost every day you ask for me to put on music so you can dance and you either want "princess music" or actual ballet music. You adore dancing to music with your daddy. You can't wear regular clothes for more than 10 minutes at home and change dressups about 20 times a day. Your favorite is Cinderella and you completely wore one of your Cinderella dresses to shreds. Luckily you got two new ones for your birthday. You're very picky about the clothes you wear. You almost always wear your polka dot skirt but take your leggings off as soon as we get home because you think your skirt can't "spin" with leggings on. It's a battle :) For church I try and pick out a cute dress for you but if it doesn't "spin" you throw a fit until you win and get to wear one that's more twirl-able. You're funny and strong willed. We all know you get that from me.

You're very sweet and love making Jane happy by giving her the pink plate at meals even if I give it to you first. Just about any time I ask you to do something for me (like get a tissue or get something for Boston) you do it so happily. You're a super girly girl and LOVE pink, always ask for me to put my mascara on you and love it when I let you wear a squirt of my perfume. You have about 8 pairs of shoes and can't wear the same pair twice in a day (even if we just go down to switch the laundry). I'm slightly worried about your teenage years!

You ask if you can take a bath every single day and spend at least an hour playing in the tub until you're a big prune and bone cold. You've gotten really clever at asking me to smell your armpits to see if you're stinky and need a bath. You've also started remembering if you had a bath so you can tell me, "I didn't have a bath last day, can I have a bath today?"

Your favorite foods are apples and cuties for sure. You don't have a huge sweet tooth and take after your dad concerning that. You're the slowest eater of the family which is funny because you ask for a snack ALL the time and are always so hungry. I hear "I'm still hungry" from you about every hour.

We're so proud of you for some amazing advances you've made this year. First, you graduated speech therapy and did SO well! You speak so much now and so much clearer. You've even started singing this last year and I LOVE hearing you sing! Second, you've stopped sucking your thumb! I know it was really hard for you but you tried so hard and you did it. Third, you are a potty training MASTER! You've gone a whole year without any accidents at night. We are amazed with you Wendy. You're a very smart and clever girl and you give THE BEST kisses!

We love you sweet girl! Thanks for making our home a little more interesting and a whole lot more pink!

How old are you now Wendy?

Wait, how old?!

Oh my goodness, you're adorable!

 Beyond words adorable!

Taking the piggy you got for your birthday on a walk:

I hope you're always ok with my pinching those cute, squishy cheeks of yours cause they just ASK for it!

Happy birthday Wenders!

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