Saturday, November 07, 2015

Wendy's Birthday Celebration!

Wendy's birthday week! We had a blast celebrating this little girl getting less little and turning FOUR! We started off the celebration with picking out a treat for her preschool class. She chose princess fruit snacks and hello kitty party favors... naturally. She was so excited to pass them out on her birthday.

When I picked her up that day, we headed straight to lunch to celebrate her birthday and my half birthday at the place of her choosing-- Steak and Shake!

Birthday girl!

Little brother who gets to tag along!

Having a little fun while we wait for our food.

No matter what I told her... that Jane always wanted a pink milkshake and hated it when she tried it, that she probably won't like it, that's she could have m&ms... she wanted a pink milkshake and what the birthday girl wants, the birthday girl gets. She didn't like it.

 Grandma called while we were at lunch and not only paid for our lunch, she gave Wendy some birthday money to buy something she's been aching for for a long time. After we finished lunch and Boss had a nap (and after Wendy had a wardrobe change... Cinderella is her favorite) we headed straight to Target to get it for her. One HAPPY girl!

Since Wendy had a birthday party last year we did a family party this year on a Saturday when the whole family could celebrate. She got to choose whatever we did that day. She chose the Jump Zone (a popular place for my girls). So excited to start jumping!

My princess among superheros:


Like all my kids, Boston isn't yet a fan of bounce houses. He's got another year or so till he finds joy in it so he spent most of his time running around on the solid ground.

Well, that is until Brandt swooped him up and took him up and down a big slide! He definitely didn't enjoy it so Brandt took him a few more times till he did. Sometimes you have to teach them what to like :)

Wendy hesitantly playing some air hockey. First time in her life!

 After the kids had played for a few hours (and were beyond exhausted) we went to dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. Wendy originally wanted McDonald's but quickly changed her mind when I told her they had bread AND ice cream after dinner if it's your birthday. We were very grateful she changed her mind!

We had a great time celebrating Wendy. I love excuses to make my middle child feel special and I know she felt it this week. Love you sweet Wenders!

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