Sunday, December 13, 2015

Chicago Christmas 2015

Once again we got to celebrate Christmas in Chicago early because we would be in Utah for the actual day of Christmas. It was pretty low key. The first weekend in December we put up the tree and other Christmas decorations even though we'd only be able to enjoy them for two weeks.

Boston was down for a nap and the girls got busy putting the ornaments on the tree.

Brandt hid the pickle and Wendy TOTALLY found it before Jane! Way to go Wendy!

I love their enthusiasm! Such festive little girls.

Makes Christmas so much more fun than it would be otherwise.

I wish I'd gotten a video of Boston when we got him out of the crib after his nap and he saw all the decorations. He started at one end of the room and slowly oohed and awed about 6 times from start to finish with his eyes being about quadruple the size when he ended at the tree all lit up.

Every time we turned on all the lights he'd do the same thing for the next few days. His mind was completely blown.

Christmas Eve we made cookies for Santa and the girls got to eat some too. Jane asked if Santa was going to eat all the rest or save her any. We counted them and there were just enough left for Santa and all his reindeer so I told her chances we slim there would be any left. Naturally, after she went to bed Brandt and I ate the rest and "Santa" wrote a note to the girls thanking them for the cookies and blaming Prancer for pigging out on them when he was busy filling stockings. That's how we parents roll :)

The girls had so much fun that morning opening gifts. They LOVED their matching pajamas from Grandma Arnett, Jane was a big fan of her art easel and Littlest Pet Shop set. Wendy really enjoyed her cereal bowls with built in straws from Jane and her dry erase books.

My girly girl got some fake nails in her stocking and they were probably my favorite gift of the entire Chicago Christmas. She LOVED them and I love how she acted with them on. They didn't last more than 5 minutes but we got a lot of laughs out of that 5 minutes.

Later that day we packed up all the Christmas stuff and put it away. Well, minus the ornaments which we just threw away because the kids broke so many this year and I plan on buying a fresh set of nonbreakable ones next year. It was nice to have our apartment back to normal (spacewise) and good to get rid of unnecessary clutter.

Now on to Utah for another Christmas!

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