Saturday, December 19, 2015

Random December

Lots of random things happened in December that aren't necessarily huge but I don't want to forget the little moments that I captured on my phone so here is Random December!

One of my favorite moments... playing "match your face to emoticons on my phone" with Wendy. This one will always be my favorite!

Boston started nursery at church in December! It took a few weeks (two months to be exact) until I could leave him in there without him completely melting down but I didn't mind being in there and playing with him. I like Boston :)

He quickly learned how to sit in a non-highchair and stay there, to clean up his snack and throw away his trash and to stay still for a lesson. I think he's a fan of nursery! Such a big boy now!

Two of Wendy's favorite things-- apples and Dandee the walking and singing horse that my mom sent us for Christmas. Unfortunately, she loved Dandee so much that the day after we got it, she secretly tried to ride it as it walked around on the floor and she broke one of the legs. We still love it but it only moves laying on it's side now. She was embarrassed and heartbroken that she broke it. Sweet girl :( 

This is a scene we see frequently. This is the only cabinet we let our babies play in and Wendy has decided it's a great pastime to play in it WITH Boston. Boston has a love/hate relationship with her idea of fun but sometimes they are on the same happy page and both enjoy it. 

My handsome boys! Brandt snuck these on Boston's head and I got a picture of him wearing the Santa headband before he realized they were on his head and quickly ripped them off!

Wendy has always been very into girly things and LOVES to pick out her own clothes. She's lucky she's my 2nd child because I don't really care anymore (except church... I put my foot down for church). On this day she had her Christmas party at school and was so proud of her outfit and SO excited that Jane let her wear her purple belt that Wendy tied all by herself and her pink leggings (even though they are stained) because Wendy doesn't have any pink leggings. I love her and her girlishness! Don't mind the messy couch :)

 Another one of Wendy's fashion creations. Here, she is "Janie's chicky" in all orange. I secretly love this outfit that she wears frequently.

And this dude or shall I say turkey. He has discovered climbing and before I knew it, snagged two waffles from the waffle plate and tried to run off with them. I had to get a picture before I took them away so he thought he got away with it for a minute :) His hunger growth spurts are insane! Way different than my girls. The other day he ate three pieces of pizza (without the crust) and a cup of rootbeer! I could only eat two! 

Happy Random December!

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