Friday, January 22, 2016

Baby #4

I was able to do a DNA test for baby #4 before Christmas. All it took was a simple blood draw and 2 weeks later I got a call letting me know the baby was perfect and that it is a BOY! I was so giddy on the phone with my doctor. We really wanted it to be a boy so Boston would have a brother like the girls have each other. The girls wanted it to be a boy too and one day when we were discussing it Jane said, "Yeah, if it's a girl we're gonna be like aw man!" I told her, "No, we won't be bummed, but Dad will probably get his wish of having more kids!" (The morning sickness was so bad this time I swore off more children but now that it's gone I MIGHT have changed my mind.)

When we told the girls what it was we did it by spraying them with blue silly string. I thought it would be AWESOME but the can we had from the dollar tree sprayed for like 2 seconds so I didn't get any great pictures. Sigh. They loved it though. Wait, no, they were both terrified and I had to bribe Wendy because she was scream crying and didn't want to do it she was so scared. Anyway, they ended up liking it after the fact and loved finding out they are getting a brother.

Here is a picture Jane drew of what our family will look like later this year. Well, hopefully we won't look EXACTLY like that...

Anyway, it's a BOY! We are so excited. I've even started buying Boston even nicer and cooler clothes because I know his brother, who should have the same-ish birthday as him, will get to wear them too. Naming him has been difficult, I love some names Brandt doesn't like and he loves names I don't care for BUT, last night we finally agreed on a name as we were falling asleep. I pulled out my ear plugs and said, "What about...?" He said, Oh, I actually like that name. Add it to our list." I said, "Um, how about once we find another name we agree on we actually start a list?"

This is him at 12 weeks. I thought the ultrasound wouldn't be a big deal because I've seen the babies so many times but seeing him made me almost cry. It was real.

My little baby boy just so perfect. Well, almost perfect at this point. At my Dr. visit after this she said I had a blood clot on my placenta which could result in a miscarriage. Having gone through such horrific morning sickness (peanuts compared to others I know), having seen and finally bonded with my boy and having had a miscarriage this summer I about lost it. I found out a few hours before we had to fly out to Utah for Christmas and still had to pack. I would pack and cry and pack and cry. Brandt was the only thing holding me together especially after the Dr. called and said, "You know, after thinking about it and looking at your chart I think you need to come back in and get your Rhogam shot just in case you start bleeding." In the back of my mind I didn't want to go get the shot. I didn't want it to be a possibility. I had had a good feeling about this pregnancy after having a bad feeling about the one that ended this summer. I packed longer than I should have, putting off going back to the Dr. and when I called the lab they said it was too late (they wouldn't get the shot made before they had to close). I was kind of relieved. I was glad I didn't go in. We left for our trip and I was able to have time to think about the good I had been feeling about this pregnancy and enjoyed our trip.

Well, turns out my feelings were right because I went in today for another ultrasound and the lady said the blood clot is gone! I'm so thankful I have one less thing to worry about and that his home for the next 4 months is a healthy one. Here's my little man at 20 weeks:

If he's ANYTHING, even a FRACTION of how awesome his brother Boston is, I think he'll rock this world. Can't wait to meet my new son and watch him and crazy pants Boston be crazy together.

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