Sunday, January 31, 2016

Random January

Here is the Random January post about stuff I've captured throughout the craziness of our life in January!

Wendy has a new obsession... drawing! She went from not being a fan of art to drawing the cutest people in like a day! I remember when Jane drew like this and am loving that Wendy has started. Here is my cutie so proud of the "snowman" she drew before bed. 

And, one day she went from not being able to write her letters and having no interest in writing... to being able to write her whole name all by herself! Something must have just clicked in her brain! When she showed it to me I couldn't hold in my excitement and told her we needed to celebrate with a yummy treat. (I know... when you're happy and you know it eat some food.) After that, she wrote her name a million times expecting to get a treat. Oops. But, I'm so proud of her!

Here's one magic day, the girls being besties! Jane made Wendy a crown and Wendy wore it for like 4 days straight.

 We went to the Chicago Children's Museum with our friends Sydney and Gwen and I snapped this picture of Wendy and Boston riding in the fake bus. Just a couple of city kids!

I love this picture. Just LOVE it. 

One lazy Sunday afternoon the kids hopped on the couch with Brandt so he could read some comics to them and they were seriously occupied for like half an hour (even crowded like that). Meanwhile, I tickled Boston on the other couch and enjoyed his amazing laugh.

Wendy watching the Muppets Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Special. 

Oh, I got her attention! Love my cute girl!

And Janie! She was so funny. Right before I took this picture she told me, "Mom! Can I PLEASE just have my own phone or a piece of licorice?!" I happily gave her some licorice :)

Lastly, a sweet moment that I noted between Wendy and Boston this month:

I picked up Wendy from preschool and Boston was screaming and crying his guts out because it was 10 degrees, windy and snowing...
Wendy: "It's ok Boston. I know, life is hard. Shhhhhh. Wendy is here. Twinkle twinkle little star..."

Sometimes, they melt my heart.

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