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Utah Christmas 2015

This year we snuck out of Chicago a little early and headed to Utah after getting Jane from school on a Tuesday afternoon. Tickets were so cheap to leave the days we did so what's a few days of school compared to hundreds of dollars? A friend drove Brandt, Jane and Boston to the airport and I got to take the train there with Wendy (no room for one of us in the car). She was SO excited and loved the train ride. I loved riding it with her. We ended up getting to the airport at the same time so it was perfect.

 This boy LOVED the airplane. He loved it so much, he didn't sleep the entire flight even though we didn't land until after midnight our time. Thank heavens for glow sticks. They occupied him for a long time.

Jane was so excited to see a girl her age boarding in front of us. They made instant friends with each other and a dream come true, they sat in front of us so Jane got to sit next to her while the rest of us sat behind her. It was so weird letting her sit by herself. I kept checking on her because I thought she MUST need me but nope, she was just fine. I surprised the girls with those little Nutella dip snacks for the flight that they've been asking for for about 6 months. Jane had planned on ordering hot chocolate like Brandt did a few flights ago (she's been dreaming about it since) but when the lady came to take her order she said, "I'll have water because I already have chocolate right here." She was so cute and so proud of herself. Then the girl next to her ordered a Coke. A COKE! Jane instantly looked at me through the gap in the seats with this face of "Mom! Did you hear that!? Can you believe she just ordered that!? She's breaking ALL the rules in life!" It was so funny. I was proud of her for knowing it wasn't ok for her and for not being interested at all in having some herself. It's fine if she wants it later but no kid needs caffine. They have enough energy in their new bodies as it is.

A couple days after we got there I went to Vegas with my friend Nicole and the day after I came back from that our little family drove to Idaho to see the Arnett clan. Somehow this is the only picture I have! Some fun memories... eating gluten pies in Anna's car in the freezing snow, trying to go to the store for salad dressing with Josh to find his breaks were out, accidentally using my nephew's toothbrush, Aunts and Josh giving my girls pennies about every 10 minutes, Jane climbing a tree across the street and Josh running out there without winter clothes on to save her when she got stuck at the top unsupervised (he eventually dropped her into Brandt's arms at the bottom)... it was a fun trip.

On the four hour drive home the girls spent a little bit of time playing with wikki stix. Wendy mostly just mashed them into tiny little balls I had to painstakingly untangle but she made up for it with her cuteness when she said, "Look! My glasses are wearing glasses!" Good one Wendy, good one.

We drove home during the sunset and when Jane took notice she suddenly exclaimed, "Is THAT hot lava!?" Ha! That thought must be terrifying!

The kids had their third and final Christmas on actual Christmas. Wearing pajamas from Grandma and Grandpa, they were ready to open their last batch of gifts. I'm sure they had good intentions trying to help Boston smile.

He wasn't a big fan of it though. We intervened.

He's quite capable to smiling on his own.

My little munchkins on Christmas morning. STOP GROWING UP! Boston went down for a nap right after this, before we opened presents, but he didn't miss out... he had zero interest in gifts this year. The girls were completely spoiled by the Brinkerhoffs. Grandma took them to lunch at McDonald's and then Build-A-Bear as her present to them and Uncle Brody and Aunt Jenni got them a pass to Classic Fun Center which rocked their world (probably also because of the fact that the passes were inside jars of CANDY!).

Roy is hard to pick out gifts for. I just can't figure out this man! Though, this year Brandt and I thought of the perfect gift for him and after searching high and low, calling a million stores every day for it to be in stock we found it! Pie Face Game! This expression. Can't you tell he is SO excited and thrilled we got it for him?

 Yup, he loved it... I mean WE all loved watching him play :)

After making Roy go first, we all followed suit.

Uncle Brody got it in the face next.

Brave Jane! I can't believe she wanted to do it! She tried chickening out later but she was so brave and took a turn!

And she thought it was hilarious when she got a face-full of whipped cream. She's so funny! I went last and guess what?! I was the ONLY person who escaped their turn without whipped cream in my face!

When Boston woke up he got to open his gifts and we enjoyed spending time with our little munchkin. We watched a Christmas movie and the older kids went sledding later in the day and then got to eat Roy's delicious ribs for dinner. It was a fun day!

A few days later Jane opened her first restaurant, Pompa (pronounced Pompay) Cafe. This is her menu. Uncle Brody and Brandt were her chefs (homemade pasta and bread) and it was the most delicious pasta I have ever eaten. Must move there and have him be our full-time chef.

The next week my parents (and Josh) drove from Rexburg to SLC to spend the evening there before catching a flight home. We got together with them for dinner and to see the lights at Temple Square. It was SO cold! We bought my dad an extra layer because he was freezing and not feeling well and then we got some hot chocolate from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (amazing) before we braved the cold (my coat didn't zip up because of my pregnant belly so the hot chocolate was a must). They flew home the next day and Josh spent a few days in Orem with us. We had a great time shopping at Ikea together and just hanging out. Love my baby brother!

The girls were so excited about going skating for the first time at Classic Fun Center! It's wasn't as awesome as they thought it would be, or in other words, they thought it would be easy.

I LOVE this picture of Wendy! So much painful emotion on that sweet face of hers! You'd think she hated it! And you would be right, she did, even with the skating support thing.

Jane didn't love it either but wasn't as emotional. She just very verbally let me know when she was done. Her friend Ben was a power house and despite falling a million times ROCKED it on roller blades! Jane will get it eventually, she just needs more practice.

Grandma was too good to these kids. One day when we were out she did gingerbread houses with them. The girls did a great job and had so much fun. This is Wendy's house. Jane dropped hers while showing it to me before I could get a picture. Luckily she was ok with it (that's usually how Jane rolls). Boston was a happy camper when he woke up from his nap later that afternoon because there was candy ALL over the floor and table and we kept finding him sneaking over there, even climbing on the table, snitching candy. Can't get too upset, I would to if I were him!

Grandpa was also super amazing with them. Brandt and I took his grandma out to lunch and while we were out he played in the snow with the girls. I got a sneak peak before we left. It was so funny watching Wendy slide down the little hill Grandpa made for her and then lay on the ground forever after crash landing.

Here's a funny video of it:

And, another one:

Besides everyone getting sick and losing my wedding ring, we had a wonderful time. It's always great to see family and friends (that moved away without permission... ehem... Haley and Nicole!), eat yummy food and play, play, PLAY! Can't wait to go back!

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