Monday, December 21, 2015

Vegas Bowl Girls Weekend!

I'm not a football fan (didn't grow up in a sports loving home). I'm a BYU fan only because I went to a BYU school. But, when BYU got into the Vegas Bowl I was SO excited because having a father-in-law who works for the BYU Alumni means I have an "in" and opportunity to go to Vegas! Even more, Brandt let (encouraged) me and my best friend Nicole go for a girls weekend without kids! 6 hour drive? Ha! Without kids or a care in the world, even the drive was an amazing vacation! (Can you tell I needed a break after horrible morning sickness and Brandt being away for work part of that time?!)

Brandt only gave me two rules. 1) I couldn't buy any crappy little Vegas trinkets (waste of money and space) and 2) I couldn't gamble. I was fine with the first but I had a quarter in my pocket that I was excited to use just for fun. So with those rules and a vow to follow them, my father-in-law (Roy) and I picked up Nicole and headed to Vegas from Orem, UT on a lovely Friday morning!

Once we finally got there and got settled in our hotel, it was time for Nicole and I to head to the Strip and do some exploring. I had been here before Jane was born for another BYU bowl game so I was excited to see the places I saw then and make my memories a little more fresh. We barely made the last shuttle of the day to the Strip and when we got there, Nicole treated me to some yummy sushi. It was perfect and hit the spot. I think both of us were still in shock we were ACTUALLY doing this and IN VEGAS!

One of the places I wanted to see that I remembered from my previous trip was the Venetian. I love this place! So cool!

Nicole! I missed this amazing girl since she had moved from Chicago a few months before this trip. It was fun showing her this and also fun laughing about a fancy party with fancy people using fancy napkins (that they just threw on the floor when they were done because you can do that when you're fancy) that we saw in one of the malls.

I am a sucker for candy shops... get it?! No really, being able to fill up a bag of bulk candy an not have to share it with ANYONE or being able to eat it without hiding in a closet for sake of childhood obesity?? A dream come true! Also, I feel completely photobomb with that girl in the background... We walked around SO much that night and were very much ready for bed when we got back to the hotel.

The next day we started bright and early to help set up for the Bowl game. We were both still very giddy about being there. Plus, we got our own beds and an amazing night's sleep. Again, dream come true!

Working the Bowl game was actually a lot of fun. It was probably better than just coming to the game because we were really part of it.

The game... that part was MISERABLE! Well, the first 10 minutes were. The people next to us left because it was so bad! BYU ended up coming back the rest of the game but not enough and we lost but at least they stopped Utah from getting any more touchdowns, yeesh!


And, all thanks to Roy for hooking us up and being willing to road trip with two crazy girls!

After the game Roy dropped Nicole and I back off at the Strip so we could walk the second half of it. It was pretty chilly this night and unfortunately, my pregnant belly decided to have a growth spurt. My coat zipped up fine the night before but today was a different story. Should have brought my maternity coat after all! We had a blast though, trying to take it all in as quickly as we could on our last night. It was a pretty busy evening...

Where Nicole took a quick gig as the President's Secretary...

Where we randomly found a place to take a quick survey (we both love surveys... paying ones) that paid $50 EACH...

And where I found the perfect place to use my one and only Vegas quarter I'd had in my pocket the entire trip... the Fun Dungeon which was technically an arcade and I scored 52 tickets with my one quarter (which I gave to a little girl before eating some delicious DQ)!!!

We walked 25,000 steps that night and I could hardly walk at the end of it not to mention the whole next week! So worth it though. We went back to our hotel and crashed before heading home the next morning. I loved every minute of this trip with Nicole and will never forget it!

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