Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Publishing Day!

Jane's class has been working on books for the last little while. Each kid was supposed to write a book on something they were an expert about. Naturally Jane chose art. Parents were invited to come to her classroom for a half hour on Monday to see the books that they finished. I was so excited and then super bummed because I had an appointment for the baby that same morning and I didn't think I'd make it in time. I was taken back to the room on time but the doctor was doing a procedure so they warned me it would be a while. When the doctor finally came in I said, "I'm sorry but I've seriously got like ten minutes before I need to be somewhere." She went super fast and I made it to Jane's school JUST in time!

When I walked up to the door all her classmates yelled, "It's Jane's mom and baby brother! Where's Jane!?" Jane looked up and gave me the biggest smile followed by many sweet hugs. I had warned her about the doctor appointment and she was ok with me not being able to come. I think she was trying to not be crushed when I didn't show because when I did show up she was beyond excited.

Her book was awesome and also included a section (very detailed section) on how to fold an envelope out of paper. She is actually quite an expert on this subject. We looked at the other books that her friends made and then it was time to go. It was a really short, really low-key event but seeing her glow made it so worth racing there. As I left she gave me a hug, then the baby, then Boston and then said, "Mom, it's a special day and I think we should do something special after school like a fun surprise treat, like ice cream." I told her, "I think we should." And, we did!

I picked her up from school and we went to Lickity Split for a Publishing Day Treat! Jane wanted candy AND ice cream but I told her she could only choose one. They liked my idea of each getting one and splitting it. I shared my ice cream with Boston and I couldn't shovel it in his mouth fast enough.

Here are some pictures from Lickity Split:

Sisters! Jane shoved the spoon in Wendy's mouth right before this picture. Jane wanted chocolate ice cream and Wendy wanted vanilla but since they were sharing they had to agree. Jane said, "I'm going to choose vanilla because I want to be nice to my sister today." She really has been a big sweetheart these few days (usually they fight non stop so it was cute seeing them be kind to each other).

Yeah... that's more like it although this is Wendy giving Jane an ULTRA hug, not trying to wrestle her! That's how much love Wendy's got in that little body of hers and that's what it looks like apparently :)

After the ultra hug Jane needed to make it known that Wendy was crazy. She is, well, they both are and I love them.

Jane said that the next book she writes will be about tacos. She said, "I'll write it about how to make tacos because I'm an expert at making tacos and the introduction will say... You can make a taco out of anything dot dot dot." It's true. She is an expert. She turns just about every meal into a taco and I can't keep enough tortillas in the house because of it!

Happy Publishing Day!

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