Friday, February 26, 2016

Random February

Apparently February flew by with loads of little moments. And, here are those moments:

I found out one Saturday morning that a yummy frozen custard place in Evanston was having free Sundaes so as soon as Boston woke up from his nap we drove up there and enjoyed our free ice cream! My favorite was that Boston didn't really love his so Wendy and I got to share it. 

After frozen custard we ran into Barnes and Noble where Jane found a lockable diary (she was in heaven) and she spent her Texas tooth fairy money on it. She's spent every day since coloring the cover and back a little at a time. She said I could have a key to read her secrets :)

Jane and Wendy destroyed their room after I had organized it. I walked in and started getting all grumpy when Jane walked up all happy, handing me this note and saying, "But I made this for you..." Made everything better. She knew what she was doing.

Jane, I will love you more than anything too.

This is Wendy's favorite dress. She wears it every single day. I think Boston thought, "Hmm, Wendy's not wearing it and she loves it so much so maybe I will to?" He brought it to me and with grunts and motions, told me to put it on him.

He LOVED it! I couldn't get enough of his giggles while he wore it for those hilarious three minutes.

I can't even remember what Wendy was pouty about but this picture just cracks me up. This is TOTALLY Wendy. Sums her little self up so well. She has got so many drastic emotions in her 4 year old body.

They love having two Cinderella dresses because when they get along they like to both wear them and be matching princesses. Jane had made Wendy this crown and I think she wore it for 5 hours straight, so in love with the fact that Jane made it just for her. When they get along they are the best sisters.

I woke up one day with a donut craving so after dropping the girls off at school I took Boston to one of my favorite donut spots. I love donut dates with my kiddos!

He didn't make it home before falling asleep. Sugar crash...

I don't know why but my kids are obsessed with squirt bottle tops! They walk around with them all the time. Wendy found one and decided this is how she would drink her juice.

My first instinct was to take it away but she was enjoying herself so whatever. Knock yourself out :)

Probably one of the things I love most about Wenders is her love for style. This is her having a snack after school while watching a show. I love her double headband and she is wearing that sweater and Jane's skirt because they both have stars. We went on a bike ride after and the skirt was too big for her bike so I had to take it off and I didn't realize till we were too far from home that she was wearing pink bike shorts over her leggings. She cracks me up.

 My crew! They love snuggling on the couch and watching a show after we get Jane from school some days.

I hope they always love each other. I mean, why wouldn't they? They are all pretty rad people...

 Wendy loves apples. Wendy doesn't love eating apples with vampire teeth. She tried and tried but it was just too difficult.

Boston got his first ear infection since his tubes almost a year ago. He always looks so so sad when he's sick. It breaks our hearts. Melts them too because he's just the sweetest sick baby.

I picked Wendy up from school one day and she had been one of three girls to color all over their faces during craft time. The marker came off a couple days later but she was so proud of it that I loved seeing her colorful beaming smile. Never again though... she got a stern talking to. Here is my pink super hero butterfly with a face full of color:

 The kids are lucky I'm just like my mom. I wanted a drink while we were out shopping so we got a large Icee and shared it. Probably one of my favorite moments of the month. Boston would freak out every so often because he had brain/chest freeze and didn't understand it and Wendy kept confusing where her brain was and kept grabbing her chest screaming, "My brain hurts!!!!!"

Jane got Honor Roll again! I got to go this time to see her accept her award and she was so happy to see us. Boston kept yelling "Hi" to her when she was on stage. I'm proud of you Janers!

She only got a B in gym (she doesn't love gym) and in focusing. Not surprised about either one :)

And back to Wendy's style: I didn't realize until she pulled some tights out of a bin that she'd never worn tights. Her mind was BLOWN! She kept telling everyone, "They are like pants but they have socks!" She wouldn't take them off all day, even after church for our family bike ride. She just put some bike shorts over the top and she felt good to go. (I love that her half sweater is upside down too). Such a funny girl. So proud of herself!

Other funny moments:

Jane and Wendy were watching Planet Earth and while they were watching, Jane got her finger stuck in a hole of a toy. It was stuck good. After lots of pulling and lotion we got it free and I asked her if she learned a lesson. She said, "Yeah... Never go by a shark." Well, at least she learned SOMETHING. 

After three days of making food the kids don't like (but we adults do) for dinner, they asked what I was making and I jokingly told them something gross (because I'm making them their favorite-- noodles). They started their whine fest and said:
Jane: You know the rule! If you want to make something we don't like...
Wendy: (finishes her sentence) Don't make it!

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