Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Boston Knight: 21 Months

Third child? Is that my excuse for not getting around to doing an 18 month post for my little guy? Yeah... that'll be my excuse.

This boy. Seriously. I could not be more in love. He has got the sweetest little personality. He LOVES his momma and thinks his dad is pretty cool. He adores Jane and when Wendy plays with him the way she SHOULD he likes her too :)

We just got him down to one nap a day about a month ago so he dropped his second nap around 20 months. He says a handful of words right now. They include: hi (for hi and bye), momma, dadda, up, yeah, no, please, more, this, that, uh oh, and ow. He doesn't say two words together usually but once he said "mo ease" (more please) and I about melted. Probably one of my favorite things about him is his nod. If you ask him something and the answer is yes, he looks at you with a closed mouth smile and silently just nods his head up and down while raising and lowering his eyebrows. He could get anything he wanted in the world when he does this.

He figured out a joke recently. When I'm driving he'll say "mom mom mom mom" and when I turn around to see what he wants he just smiles. When I look away he does it again (rinse and repeat). I love it, though I love it most when I'm in the passenger seat.

He HATES stickers or anything like stickers (tape, etc). He actually gets really mad if you even ask him if he wants one. I've had to start telling the people at Target that he doesn't want a sticker before they ask him so he doesn't yell "NO!" at them. It cracks me up how passionate he is about it. He also falls almost every time we go to and from the car but he has yet to really cry about it. He's a tough cookie! I just help him stand up, he lets out the cutest little "ow" and then keeps on walking.

He still doesn't like milk (never has since we stopped nursing) so we make sure to give him yogurt at breakfast most days and cheese sometimes. He also doesn't like whipped cream or chocolate milk. One time I gave him my leftover fruit loop milk to trick him see if he would drink it and I got him to drink like a quarter cup. That was a miracle! He still loves apples and does a great job eating complicated foods if I feed him. If I don't feed him he won't touch it.

Nursery is a struggle. He's been going for 3 months now and freaks out when I leave (or stay but am more than one foot from him). It doesn't help that there are only 2 nursery workers but he's GOT to get this under control in the next few months before his brother comes! He does do a great job sitting in his chair for the lesson and snack. I love seeing him sit there like a big boy.

Some of his favorite things are his muslin blankets, his thumb, when we throw pillows or stuffed balls at him, spinning in circles, my contacts case, sticking his sister's hair clips places (I found 16 in the A/C and 2 in the printer), cookies at the store, having his water sippy cup in his bed, putting oven mitts on his hand and roaring as he chases after us, when dad (not mom) brushes his teeth, and stomping in puddles.

When I was pregnant with him I craved EVERYTHING spicy. The heat didn't even bother me. The other day we went to a restaurant and he really wanted the jalapeno popper things we got. He was throwing such a fit when we told him no that we finally gave him a little (he ALMOST always gets what he wants eventually). He took one bite and then acted as if his mouth was on fire. After a little drink he wanted more and more and the heat didn't seem to bother him again. He ate like 3! He really is our little Sergeant Pepper!

He seems to get colds really easily but has only had one ear infection (a really bad one) since getting his tubes. We'll find out how his anemia is doing in a few months but he seems to still be much more tired than his peers and his sisters at his age. Other than that he is doing great!

His stats at his 18 month appointment:

Head: 19 inches (50th%)
Height: 34 inches (90th%)
Weight: 26.5 lbs (50th%)

So, what do we think of this little boy? We LOVE him! We even adore him when he's mad or doing naughty things! He gets away with SO much because he's just so cute when he's being naughty. When he's screaming in anger over something, Brandt and I just laugh at him and tell him how cute he is. He probably goes to timeout a hundredth of the time the girls did at his age. This is probably going to backfire on us (who knows what we're raising) but we're enjoying him and his tiny self, no matter his mood, 99% of the time. Maybe it's his big brown eyes, maybe it's his little voice, who knows but he's got it figured out.

Boston, you were a dream over 10 years before you were born and you're definitely a dream come true. Thanks for your smiles, your snuggles and your kisses. I couldn't love you any more than I do now!

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