Friday, March 18, 2016

Dr. King Class Celebration

Jane's class has been working on little group skits and her teacher invited us to come watch them perform them today! I tried making dinner before it was time to leave so we ended up really cutting it close. Wendy wanted to walk so I pushed her in the double stroller and ran the first half block before realizing a 28 week pregnant belly and running just don't work for me so I power-walked the rest of the way. I almost died, seriously, but Wendy cheered me on the whole way. We got to her classroom and had JUST missed her group perform. Luckily, after it was over, Mrs. Nelson said they'd do it all over again for the parents who came a little late. Dream teacher!

So, here is Jane's group. She had her part memorized (perfectly actually) but the teacher said they could use their papers so she's using hers. Oh well, here she is!

Then, her whole class sang a song:

On our way out I noticed some books hanging on the board next to her classroom and Jane showed me which one was hers. Probably my favorite thing about coming today was seeing her book. I had no idea she'd written it and I'm so proud of her for choosing the topic and putting some good thought into it.

Here is the book, page by page:

(I love the "Fun Fact: This is a temple.")

After we left her school she told me she was starving and when I asked her if she was so hungry she was going to die, she said yes. Well, we couldn't have that could we?! A surprise trip to the Mexican bakery around the corner and all was right with her world. Love my Janie!

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