Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

We started off Easter this year by asking the girls what they thought Easter was about the week before...

Wendy: "Going downstairs and finding eggs and coming back up here and opening them." Which, is actually a great answer from her because she pulled that memory from a year ago and we were impressed she could describe it so well.

Jane: "It's about love and peace." Um, if it wasn't her "primary" answer to a lot of things these days I would have given her a thumbs up.

Based on those answers, we had a little teaching to do this last week. We had a family home evening about Jesus and his resurrection followed by what I assume is the only thing they will remember... Jane's choice of treat which was rice krispie treats with M&Ms on top.

After that, the week was spent prepping for our Easter party which was yesterday and trying to explain to Wendy when the party was. She doesn't understand time yet :)

We invited some friends over and ate some yummy food (including a bunch of homemade egg-shaped chocolate-covered marshmallows) and then let the kiddos do an egg hunt out front. We had a really fun time and love this tradition. Here are some pictures from the hunt:

 Seriously a pro now. She found all ten of her eggs on her own this year!

I loved her excitement each time she found an egg: 

Twin friends, Jane and Poppy:

My cute little egg hunter:

One of the first to find all her eggs so she gave me a great smile and then got to eating her candy right after. She's not a fan of jelly beans so she picked them all out, told me I could have them and ate almost everything else before the day was out.

Oh this girl and her adorable face! She is a fan of every kind of candy but is saving hers and eating only a little at a time. I love that when she asks for more and I tell her only one she responds with, "Ok, I'm fine with it."

Boston had been acting really tired during the first bit of the party so we decided to put him down for a nap. I was really sad about it because I didn't want him to miss out on his first egg hunt that he could actually really do but it was for the best. Not only did he sleep through the noise of 12 crazy kiddos and take a 3 hour nap, we were able to use his eggs for our neighbor girl so she could join in on the fun.

After everyone said goodbye, we cleaned up and waited for Boston to wake up. Luckily, since Jane doesn't like jelly beans, we were able to fill her empty eggs with her discarded candy, giving Boston a chance to do a personalized egg hunt. Watching him find the eggs was probably the highlight of my year so far.

This is him after finding the first egg. He was so happily surprised and kept gasping in disbelief. Obviously he heard the jelly beans inside so he popped it open, causing the candy to fall out but quickly grabbed them and gobbled them up (yeah, third child... 5 second rule can apply to the INSIDE of our fenced yard). After downing the three jelly beans he was on a mission to find more.

We told him there was another egg and pointed in the direction of this one. He seriously stood here, looking down, not seeing what we were talking about for a good 30 seconds. It was hilarious watching him not find it. "Where!? I don't see anything!"

Oh, THERE it is! Ha!

 He got really good at finding the eggs, putting them in his basket and running to the next one. He was cracking us up with his excited "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" as he ran toward egg after egg. After he was done we asked him if he wanted to find more and he did so Brandt took a bunch from his basket and he hunted for those with just as much pleasure.

He ROCKED his first Easter egg hunt!

And because he was so awesome and adorable we let him eat every single jelly bean.
 I seriously love this munchkin, donut-sugar covered shirt and all :)

We went to a park that afternoon where Boston was in heaven going down the slides over and over, Wendy had a blast laying with her tummy on the swing, winding it up and then spinning fast as it unwound (Brandt helped her get REALLY high) and Jane asked a group of kids if she could play with them and then used all her energy playing tag with them. 

That night they had pizza while they watched a show because Jane asked and it WAS Easter Saturday so... why not!? I did say no to her request of a "fizzy drink" because the sugar intake was at the "I hope they don't throw up tonight" limit.

This morning we got to enjoy a nice service at church and I even got to go to one of my meetings because I "ripped the band-aid off" and left Boston in nursery the last hour for the first time. He cried the whole time but when I picked him up he was happily playing and gave me the smile that said, "You came for me!!! I love you!!" and then would look up at me every 5 seconds with another smile that said, "Ok good, you're not a mirage! You're really here!" 

I put the Easter baskets out for everyone after they had gone out to the car with Brandt for church that morning so it would be a surprise when they got back and we could still enjoy the more religious part of Easter without that distraction. It was really nice because they didn't even realize there were Easter baskets to get so they didn't ask about them or miss them that morning. When we walked in the house they were thrilled to each find their filled baskets. The girls got some toys and a chocolate bunny (mandatory) along with a "baby bottle pop" that they'd been asking for for MONTHS and Boston got a new swim suit, matching socks with Daddy and a dumdum (which he sucked on for 20 minutes before his nap and 20 minutes after he woke up from his nap!). 

It was a really fun weekend and I'm grateful for so many friends, a wonderful family to do fun stuff with and a Savior who made it possible to be with my wonderful family forever!

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