Saturday, March 26, 2016

Random March 2016

All the fun and random things from the month of March:

 One of Boston's favorite friends (and I'm pretty partial to her too). We love little Gwen and will miss her when she moves in a couple months.

I love watching kids his age at lunch time. It's like having twins but the easiest way possible. Boston was being so sweet and wanted to share his Craisins with her.

One day we were leaving the house and Boston decided to bring a little pamphlet with him. He looked like a big boy "reading it". Love this kid.

Discovering there is a Culver's a few minutes from our Costco is magic (even if it took over 9 years to find). Neither kid ate their meal, ok, their chicken strips are seriously lacking, but they did enjoy the ice cream!

It was juuuust warm enough to spend a few minutes outside at the beach park. This is the first time Boston has ever ridden on one of these so I had to document it... even if he wasn't feeling very well that day.

Jane's class was participating in a dance performance at school so we came to watch. She played the role of the Caribbean doctor and was so sweet up there on stage!

My two spectator buddies:

And this girl playing at Jane's school playground after the performance... I don't think she could get any more beautiful!

Little mister just realized his nose has holes and his fingers fit inside them perfectly. I personally think he's the cutest little nose picker.

Boston was messily enjoying a chocolate cupcake and I was kind of bored so we played "paint a beard on Boston's face". Chocolate beard for the win!

Now, how am I going to tell my two handsome fellas apart??

"Dear mom, please come ascend from your bed and look ahead to your daughter. Hola espanol, love Jane."
This is the note I got after sleeping in. My daughter is so sophisticated.

A moment when all three kids were happily playing with each other so they (Jane directed it) constructed a kid pyramid. I kind of love it.

After dinner one night, Jane was the last one at the table while I was cleaning up. She was finishing up her third bowl of rice when she stops me and says, "Look mom! See, it's not hard to be a man!" Ha! To her all it takes to be a man is a (rice) mustache!

Boston discovered the game where you pull mom's sock off and crack up laughing about it. Little did he know, I had just reached the point in the pregnancy where putting socks on is one of the hardest things in life. Unfortunately for me, he is just too cute and his laugh is just too adorable to make him stop. The things I do for this kid.

I had just run Jane across the street to her school and when I got back to the car the kids were doing this. Wendy said, "We're saving this seat for Janie." Such a sweet cutie! And, I love that Boss was helping!

We traveled a great distance (6 miles or 40 minutes each way... thanks Chicago traffic) to make this happen but we got our free cones at Dairy Queen!! Worth it? Always.

Ina and Wendy. Little bestie ballerinas.

Running errands with the kids on a day Jane had off of school and we happened to pass a Dairy Queen. One major rule in life: If you pass a Dairy Queen while living in Chicago (where there aren't any), you stop and partake, especially if you have gift cards from Christmas before last. The girls were beyond excited because they were so surprised about stopping and getting a treat. I was so excited too. Butterfinger Blizzard... mmmmm. Oh, and yes, Wendy looked like the Joker for the next 2 days.

Waking up to this poem and a slice of toast made by my 6 year old sure helps the day start right.
"You're cute and loving and also nice. I think I'll love to have a slice. Love Jane-oohoohoohooh."

I usually write sweet notes to Jane for her to read in the morning when she wakes up before everyone else but I asked Brandt to write one last night so she'd feel love from her daddy. I told him what I usually quickly write and about 20 minutes later he had finished his note to her (he thinks about things waaaay more than me). My favorite is her response back. Here are the two notes side by side:
P.S. "Co-co is actually coo-coo".

 Some other random quotes from the month that made me smile:

Me: Wendy did you suck your thumb last night? 
Wendy: No, I was just itching my teeth?

Jane: "I have a good April fool's joke for Wendy! I'm going to tell her to sit down and close her eyes and then tell her to lift up her leg. Then... I'm gonna rip off her sock!!!!!!!!!"

Wendy, after Jane hurt her am catching herself from a fall: "Don't worry Jane, I can do everything for you. I can also be a real doctor."

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