Saturday, April 30, 2016

Random April 2016

 Some random good memories from the month of April:

Jane got these glasses from McDonald's when I took them on a day she had off of school. She probably wore them every day for two weeks straight. She claimed they really helped her see. I think she looks darling!

She was so proud of this outfit she put together and asked me to take a picture of her. Seriously, Jane and this cat cape! She brings it everywhere AND sleeps with it! Team Anna/Chris give Jane the gifts she loves the most!

Oh my goodness Wendy! I love when she wears hair accessories around her forehead. She reminds me of the little girl from the Ewok Adventures. Pair that with an after lunch jam smile and I think she looks perfect!

Doing what every 22-month-old does to relax... Browsing the Oriental Trading catalog upside down. I kinda like my couch mate.

Oh these kids and their themed outfits! Jane had off so many days in April due to strikes/budget woes at school. On this day she got everyone to dress like "firefighters", which obviously included red clothes, hats and boots.

Later that day I took my firefighters to the Exploritorium. They played for HOURS!

Grandpa was in town for 4 hours so the grandkids made sure to use every second (and inch)! We went to lunch at Big and Littles and then for ice cream at Lickity Split. We were so sad to see him go!

Riding my bike with Boston in the FRONT baby seat maaaaaaybe wasn't a good idea for being 32 weeks pregnant. There just isn't enough room anymore!

Wendy's been eyeing Jane's cat poncho (is that what you call it?) since she got it at Christmas and she got to wear it for a walk to get Jane from art class. She also brought Jane's and her pink kitties like a true cat lady. Cutest cat lady I've ever seen!

On our way into church on a sunny day the girls stopped and sat on this ledge. They looked so precious I just had to stop too and take pictures.

Boston joined them and I realized they all matched!

A beautiful day filled with sunshine and a thankful heart that these three cuties are mine forever.

All valid points... how can I say no?? Well played, Jane. We ended up letting them pay half of one of the books and us paying the rest... though, Grandma sent some money so both girls got TWO books!

Some other fun from this month:

Me: Why'd you shut the door?
Brandt: Because it's cold.
Me: I think I've reached the point in my pregnancy where my temperature trumps yours.
Brandt: So... Hoody?
Me: You got it.
That was easy :)

The girls were snuggling with us on our bed and watching Brandt play a game on his iPad while Boston slept in. Something happened in the game and this happened:
Jane: You got knocked down.
Me: But he'll get up again. 
Brandt: You're never gonna keep me down. 

Jane: Mom, I love you so much! I never want you to die! 
Me: I don't want to either. I hope I don't die for a long time. 
Jane: Yeah, not till you're nice and plump. 

Wendy: Mom, you want this sticker?
Me: Sure.
Wendy: I just found it... On my toe. 

35 weeks pregnant-
Wendy: mom, you don't need to eat ANYMORE! Your tummy is so big!

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