Saturday, April 23, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Brandt came home from work one day in January and told me about a coworker who was going to the Wisconsin Dells. He said, "It looks like so much fun, I think we should go!" My first thought was, "Ok! That's crazy and unexpected but let's do it!" My second thought was, "Holy cow, I'll have to find a swimsuit to fit THIS cow." Ha! No, seriously, we decided to go in April during Spring break so I knew my pregnant belly would be very pregnant by then. ANYWAY... We didn't tell the girls what we had planned. The week of, I had started packing and they kind of knew something was happening but they really had no idea. The day of, we went to church and then came home and told them we were going on a long drive. They wanted to know where but we didn't tell them.

3 hours later, we were in Wisconsin and at our indoor water park resort! They were SOOOOO excited! They spent the whole first hour looking at and exploring every inch of our condo. My favorite was when Jane and Wnedy were walking around saying what everything was and Wendy walked over to a side table and said, "A table and a lamp and a drawer (tugging on it, opening it)." Then she walked over to another table and said, "Another table and a lamp and a drawer (tugging on it but it was a fake drawer)... that doesn't work." Then she walked over to something else and continued describing things.

We unpacked and then headed for dinner before bed because we got there with enough time to eat before their bedtime.

We went to Sprecher's  and had some yummy burgers. The girls loved the hats they got at the restaurant and I had to take a picture because they looked so happy and cute in them. Uh-oh... Wenders needs to fix her hat first:

There we go!

The next day we made waffles for breakfast and then headed to our first of 4 water parks, Cubby's Cove. It was the smallest of all of them and geared toward ages 1-6. We have a 1, 4 and 6 year old so... PERFECT! Boston LOVED this slide!

Brandt went down it a few times with him and then Brandt would send him down and I'd catch him at the bottom. The look on Boston's face coming down was the look of pure thrill and joy. He probably went down 4,793 times back-to-back.


Jane was a super fan too.

 Wendy! She was an angel. She followed all our rules and had a really great first day.

My girls can't swim on their own yet so I was so thankful for the life jackets. They could have their independence and freedom of doing anything they wanted and all we had to do was watch them. Jane spent half the time at Cubby's Cove swimming in the big pool and chatting with the lifeguards. I asked them what she was talking to them about and they said, "Oh, we were doing math problems together." Ha!

I'm thankful for Brandt. I can't really move around a ton or hold Boss for long so Brandt spent every moment playing with him and the girls, keeping them happy and entertained.

Ha! I probably took 200 photos of Wendy on this spot trying to get a good picture of her and the only one that worked was this awkward one of her raising the roof? Hahahaha. I have no idea what she's doing but she looks cute doing it!


  I can't believe how brave he was jumping into the pool (more like falling into the pool) to Brandt.

It was fun watching the girls do this rope course.

Jane really struggled despite her long body. It was hilarious to watch.

 Wendy wanted to give it a shot.

And she's apparently ready for that Ninja Warrior show.

We started calling her a leapfrog because she ROCKED it!

 We went back to our condo for lunch and I stayed back with Boston while he napped and Brandt took the girls to the next water park, the Wild West Water Park. I eventually woke Boston up because we were missing out on all the fun (2 hours later). When I got there I found Brandt and he told me that Jane had been injured on a ride just then. I handed Boston to him and took over helping Jane. I hated that she got hurt when I wasn't there. Apparently she fell off the tube inside the ride and hurt her back. There were all sorts of people around her that worked there helping her and writing up the report. She was scared and her back really hurt so she kept the ice pack on for a while and eventually said she was fine and got back to playing like normal crazy Jane. She never thought about it again.

Boston could not even believe his eyes and had this expression with his finger pointing at what amazed him for at least a half hour.

Everything was crazy insane to him. This was as he watched a giant bucket of water tilt and splash the kids under it. He wanted to be nowhere near it but he had to watch every time the bell rang letting everyone know it was about to fall.

Cute Wendy. They had bigger slides at this park and I went down the first one with Wendy. I tried going down the second one that was almost exactly the same but they said I couldn't because I was pregnant. Boo! Super thumbs down. Luckily Wendy could go down the slides by herself. Meanwhile, Jane made instant friends with all the other girls there so she was busy playing with them.

When it was time to leave, I told the girls they could do one last thing. Jane said she wanted to give the ride she fell off of another chance. Brandt said no because it really was too big of a ride for her (you had to be 48 inches and she was exactly 48 inches) but I was SO proud of her for being brave enough to make that choice! Instead, she chose a different tube ride and begged me to do it with her. I asked the lady running the ride if I could and she said it wasn't really a rough ride so I could if I wanted to. Heck yes I did! Jane and I walked all the way to the top of the ride (which almost killed me) and rode down on a double tube together. I scream laughed the whole time because it was pretty intense. Jane thought it was awesome and funny that I was scared. When we got to the bottom Brandt scolded me pretty bad. I didn't tell him I was going to ride it and he said it was super stupid of me to have done it. He said, "I saw you walking up there and thought, is she serious!!??" Well, I had to agree with him. I was sore and my belly hurt the whole rest of the day. Oh well, I REALLY wanted to go on a ride with Jane so in a sense it was worth it :) No more rides for me that trip though...

Finally we went back to the condo, cleaned up and then went to dinner at a recommended place called Moosejaw. Again, more hats!

Don't my girls make good moose? They messed up our order so we ended up getting two pizzas. Waaaay more than we needed but hey, can't knock a free pizza. We also got house sodas for the second night in a row and the kids spent the second night in a row asking for more sips of our root beer. They drank way too much sugar during this trip!

After a good night's rest (no seriously, the kids went to sleep in -5 seconds), we woke up, Brandt made egg sandwiches for breakfast and then we headed to the third water park. I love my crew!

I love this picture of the girls trying to get Boston to look at the camera and smile. There was just too much for him to look at!

We played at the lazy river park for the first half of the day. The girls loved riding in tubes, floating around it. Wendy was so small compared to the tube she was riding but she loved it and held on so well (probably using every bit of strength she had in her tiny arms). Jane got to go down a body board ride all by herself over and over and I loved seeing her face coming out of the tunnel. She looked like such a big girl! Brandt went down it with Wendy a few times and Wendy had so much fun.We had warned the girls that there would be hot tubs that they couldn't go in but Jane REALLY wanted to. All the signs said "6 and under not permitted" so we told her no but one said, "Children under 6 not permitted." Well, Jane was going to be 7 in less than a month which means she is already older than 6... so I told her she could go in for a couple minutes. I put my legs in and watched her play IN HEAVEN for exactly 4 minutes. She would have stayed in it all day because she LOVES hot water but she listened when I told her it was time to come out. I scored some awesome mom points for that.

After that, we headed back to the condo for lunch (left over pizza from the night before) and the girls watched a movie while Boss, Brandt and I napped. When we were awake and rested we headed to the last new water park, one with a wave pool! Oh my goodness Jane was in heaven there and I couldn't believe she could ride the waves all by herself so well! I helped Wendy jump each time one came and Brandt helped Boston. We were so nervous Boss would poop in the pool because he hadn't gone in a while so we were watching him so closely. Wendy actually told me she needed to go potty so I took her and by the time we came back the pool was closed because someone had pooped in the pool. I was glad to have missed that AND glad it wasn't one of my kids! It was shut down for a long time so we got shaved ice and headed back to Cubby's Cove for an hour or so before dinner.

Playing is hard! He spent almost the whole time going down the green slide from the day before!

My little buddy looked so cute all snuggled up, waiting for his sisters to get out of the pool.

And another kid out and drying off! Cute Wendy snuggled up!

We got all cleaned up and then went to dinner at a place right by the resort so the kids could have a semi normal bedtime. They all went straight to sleep again and Brandt and I were almost asleep when the fire alarms went off at 11pm. It was SO loud! Brandt tried to stand on the table in a hurry to turn it off but the table fell to one side and he hurt his leg. Poor guy! The girls woke up scared but luckliy it didn't last too long and they went back to sleep without trouble. I heard someone in the hall say someone had pulled the fire alarm. When I told that to Brandt he said, "And everyone started punching him in the face!?" I laughed so hard for a long time about that comment. It's about how I felt about the situation too!

The next day we woke up and Jane actually made us breakfast! She set the table and got everyone cereal without us even asking! That made my month! We packed up and headed back home so we could pick up Grandma from the airport. We did have to stop at the Mars Cheese Castle on the way home since we've yet to go in the almost 10 years we've lived here.

Someone asked if I wanted in the shot. I suppose I should be in ONE picture... big belly and all.

Naturally we had to try on the cheese hats. I let the girls have some samples and one of them were some sugar free cookies. I didn't tell the girls they were sugar free when I gave them to them and while we were in the bathroom afterward, Jane said, "Mom, I did NOT like those cookies." I said, "I know why you didn't like them. They were sugar free." She said, "Ewwwww! Gross! Why would someone even make that!?" Hahahaha! Funny girl. I do feel the same. I definitely didn't want to try one.

We had some lunch, more like the girls colored their crowns and refused to eat their lunch while Boston drank like 2 cups of butterscotch rootbeer. I wanted one more picture as we left. I love this because she girls were cold but obedient and Boston was high on rootbeer sugar so I finally got a smile out of him!

We got home an hour later, unpacked and the girls went with Brandt to get Ann from the airport for part two of our spring break adventure!

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