Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Spring Break Part 2: Grandma Visits!

 Grandma came for a visit during Jane's spring break. The kids loved playing with her and it was so nice to have her around to help. The dishes were always done and there was always someone to play with the kids. The first day she got in she brought presents for everyone AND bread... winner!

 The next day was kind of low key. Brandt stayed home while all the rest of us went to the library for story time. The girls also turned in their reading logs and got to pick a free book, which they were super excited about. After lunch, Grandma, Brandt and Boston stayed home while I took the girls to the dentist. Both were totally fine about going (Jane just for sealants and Wendy for a cleaning) but when we got there they sat down and Home was on the TV. Just look at them! So sad! Good thing they perked up when it was their turn to go back.

On Saturday we went to the zoo! It was a little chilly out but lots of animals were out and we had a fun time. Jane brought her camera and took pictures of everything. She felt so grown-up being able to do so. One of the coolest parts was seeing the lions. Three of them were out and the male lion would occasionally roar SO loud... Boston started crying at one point!

Ahhhhh! Grandma and the girls got trapped in an ant farm!

We snapped this picture after church on Sunday. It's probably my favorite. Grandma and her granddaughters!

Later that afternoon everyone went on a little bike ride while I stayed back baking and Boston napped. I LOVE baking kid free. It's equal to being at the beach kid free. Just so relaxing. Well, Boston woke up while I was finishing up so I let him play in the living room by himself. Turned out to be a LITTLE of a mistake. I came out to check on him and he was standing over grandma's suitcase holding her opened mascara. Little guy must have been paying attention to me each time he saw me put on mascara because he knew just where it went. Pretty good job for his first time applying make-up!

On Monday, we went to the park before picking Jane up from school. It was such a nice day! I was able to put Boston in his overalls for the first time and I died every time I saw him wearing them. He's such a big boy!

That smile!

That boy!

Wendy was so happy to get out and play in the sun! We picked Jane up and then grabbed some slurpies from 7-11 because the warm weather definitely called for it. 

On Tuesday we met Brandt downtown for some tacos at our favorite fish taco place and then picked Jane up from school before heading to Lickity Split where the girls bought us ice cream with some gift cards they got for Easter. Grandma read the rest of Jane's new book when we got back and then she headed back to Utah. The girls missed Grandma so much and didn't stop talking about how much they missed her for at least a week. Can't wait to spend the summer in Utah!

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