Sunday, May 22, 2016

Baby #4 says, "Juuuuust kidding"!

Last night I started having contractions after the kids went to bed and they started out 2-3 minutes apart just like they did with Jane. They lasted a few hours so we cleaned, finished packing our bags and called a friend over to watch the kids. I was hesitant to go to the hospital because I have always had a fear of being sent home (hasn't happened yet) but I figured, the doctor said to come in and it is my fourth so I should probably listen. Jane came out of her room and I told her I needed her to obey and go to bed because her brother might be coming and her face lit up more than I've ever seen. She was so excited! She went to bed and fell straight to sleep.

We got to the hospital and the long walk to the Women's wing took forever. It was so hard to walk. We eventually made it and got settled into our room when the contractions stopped for the most part. I knew this would happen. I still had a few but they checked me out and said I could go home. The walk back to the parking garage was much easier.

I was actually really happy to have not had the baby last night. I was so not ready mentally. We cleaned all day and got everything ready for the baby to come so we were ready but I was so not ready to go through the process of having the baby. I'm still not but knowing it's gonna be soon after last night's scare is starting to get my mind ready. I can do this... I can do this... I do think though, we have made so many great strides in health care, why can't we pregnant folks just go to sleep and wake up with the baby born and feeling great? Is that too much to expect in 2016? Sigh.

While we await the birth of Baby #4 and before we welcome his cuteness and screams into our home, I'm going to try and enjoy the three munchkins already here ruling our lives.

Boston: My favorite thing about him? His big brown eyes and how he randomly hugs Wendy.

 He wasn't too happy I wouldn't let him have the camera in this picture but since he hardly ever gets sad I have to save this photo so I can remember his little squishy face. Terrible twos are definitely underway but that doesn't stop my smiley boy from brightening all of our lives. He has no idea his life is about to change. Kind of nervous how he'll react.

Wendy: My favorite thing about her? She frequently asks me to snuggle her and "sing wiff" her. Oh, and she is super sweet, doing what I ask her to do and giving Jane anything she asks, even if it's her last chip or piece of candy, even if Jane hardly ever does it back to her.

I can't believe she's 4.5 years old! She's really growing up! She's definitely a goofy and inquisitive girl and she makes me laugh at the most random times. She's SO excited for baby to come and will probably be his best friend.

Jane: My favorite thing about her? She's very clever. Watching her figure things out ways I wouldn't have thought always make me smile. I think she'll do great things.

From getting Boston changed and dressed for bed sometimes to making me a random piece of toast to "help" me feel better last week when the baby was really taking a toll on my body, I think she's going to be my greatest asset when baby #4 actually does come. 

So... three weeks away from my guesstimated due date and Boss was 2.5 weeks early. It's a waiting game now...

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