Sunday, May 01, 2016

Brinkerhoffs Go Downtown

Time for my 6 month dental cleaning so I scheduled it for a Saturday so Jane and I could go on a date but the weather was so nice FINALLY that we decided to make it a family date instead. 

 We hopped on the train and headed downtown. I'm sure glad I brought Wendy with me because I could not get enough of her cuteness the way she styled herself. Most awesome 4 year old on the train this year I'm sure!

Crazy girls on the train. Everyone within ear shot got a good laugh at whatever came out of their mouths.

This is the first time Boston road the train that he can remember so everything was new and mind blowing to him. At first he just wanted to be in Brandt's arms (he loves his daddy) but eventually warmed up to sitting on a seat and the fun began.

He pointed and would scream "OOOOOHHHH!" at every single thing he saw.

He. Loved. It.

Here he's very seriously pointing at something to show us with his "Ooooohhhh!" scream. People were laughing so hard in the train car for how excited he was. He sat in my lap the whole time just looking out the window.

I went to the dentist while Brandt took the kids to the park downtown and after I was done I got to meet up with them. My cute girlies:

Sisters. They dressed themselves that morning to be like Shimmer and Shine (a cartoon). Wendy was Shimmer and wore everything pink and Jane was Shine and wore anything blue that she had. I'm to the point where as long as it's weather appropriate and they're happy, I don't care...

By the time I got to the park Boston was pretty tired so I couldn't get a good picture of his amazing smile. Brandt tried to help by sending him down a slide but he got hurt/scared so this picture is right after that. Daddy helping his little boy feel better.

I think it's working. Boston doesn't stay sad for long. I think he likes using his smiling muscles more than his frowny ones.

 We found some fun fountains (the water wasn't on though) and Boston loved sitting on them like he was the king of the mountain.

There's that amazing smile...

Part of the date I had planned for Jane was to take her to Dylan's Candy Bar. I had gone the Saturday before on my own because I'd been wanting more Sour Patch apples Brandt brought home once like a year ago. I decided right when I walked in that I HAD to bring Jane there after the dentist. I didn't tell her what the surprise I had in store for her was even though she asked and asked and asked. Since we went as a family I got to bring Wendy too!

The walk from the park to the candy store was REALLY far. We brought the double stroller so Wendy and Boss got to ride in it but Jane had to be a trooper (me too) and tough it out. The candy store was on the other side of the Chicago River so we walked to the bridge which happened to be malfunctioning! We waited a while because they said they didn't know when it would be fixed but eventually decided to walk to the next bridge, adding more than a half mile to our walk. I know that may not seem like a lot but Jane is 6 and I am super pregnant. It was tough but I knew what was on the other side of the river.

Aaaaaaaand... it was worth it!

I let them pick 7 pieces each. It took some time because they looked at everything and made sure to think about each choice before asking me to add it to the bag. They got gummies and got to try rock candy for the first time. Jane chose one of those wax bottles with liquid in it. She was so excited when I told her the outside was edible (though I'd never eat it) and was really disgusted and disappointed when she took a bite of it. She said, "Ew! That's so nasty! It's like eating plastic! Why would anyone eat this?!" I agree Jane. 

Outside the store with their bounty.

After the candy store we started our walk to the train and ate our candy as we went. Boston was so funny. Brandt kept handing him gummies after he'd finish the one he just gave him and eventually told him he couldn't have any more (I may have bought $22 worth... don't tell Brandt). That didn't work though because Boston learned the sound of the plastic bag they came out of so every time Brandt would sneak one Boss would throw a fit and Brandt would give in. We all ate way too much candy but it was yummy AND we sure walked a lot that afternoon so it was cancelled out, right?

We decided to stop at Chik-fil-A for dinner (the only one in Chicago) since it was next to the train stop. I realized the week before that Wendy just plain doesn't like getting chicken nuggets and fries from restaurants. She would always ask for them but would never eat them and tell me after I told her to eat her dinner that she doesn't like them. It irritated me because SHE asked for them. She DOES however like salad and will eat a salad anytime, any day. I tested out ordering her a salad and getting Jane and Boss a kids meal and guess what!? It worked! Wendy ate half the salad and wanted to save the rest for the train ride home. I told her she couldn't eat it on the train but that she could have it when we got home and off to the train we went.

I think someone played and walked a lot:

Boston was just as amazed at everything on the ride home and Jane rested on my lap most of the way. It was a long day. When we got home we got the kids bathed and ready for bed. While Brandt was getting the other two ready, Wendy pulled the salad out of the backpack and sat at the table to eat it. I said, "Wendy, it's too late, you need to go brush your teeth." She very sweetly and so very grown up said, "But you said I could eat my salad." She had me there. Why was I denying a child a salad? I let her eat it and she gobbled it right up. We got the kids down for the night ON TIME and they fell right to sleep, even having eaten a ton of sugar.

Brandt and I collapsed on the couch, not moving for a good hour. It was a fantastic day. I'm so glad we could spend the day as a family doing super fun (though exhausting) things.

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