Saturday, May 14, 2016

Celebrating Jane

Jane's birthday, (well, day before her birthday) was packed full of fun. Seriously, there wasn't a moment to spare.

We started the day off with breakfast of her choice. She would have asked for German pancakes but we had it a couple days earlier so she chose donuts. We were excited because Chicago makes good donuts but on the way to the donut shop she said, "Can we get donuts from Jewel?" Um, why yes you can Jane! But first, Brandt and I stopped and got REAL donuts from Do-rite Donuts and then we stopped at our grocery store for $.50 donuts for the kids. They were super happy and so were we :)

I couldn't get over watching Boss eat his donut. I loved how he held it with his chubby little hands.

Next we went to the bike shop and picked up Jane's gift from us, a new bike! It was time for a bigger size and she rides it so well. We headed to dance after that because Jane had her last Storytime Dance and Wendy had her last ballet class that day. When we got home we had lunch and Jane got to open all her presents. Baby #4 gave her a build-able pony which she LOVED, Boston gave her two packs of markers, one of which were stamp markers which blew her mind, and Wendy gave her a bubble gum machine which she was excited about and then gave back to Wendy because Jane DOES NOT like gum. Wendy ate all the gum in two days. Wendy was very happy about her gifting choice. The best was probably from Grandma and Grandpa Brinkerhoff who gave her 2 littlest pet shop kits. I will praise their name for months because the girls play SO well together with them and they play with them for ages. Best babysitter :)

And she got... A NEEEEEEEWWWWW car! Just kidding, we bought our mini van the night before and surprised the kids with it that morning. They absolutely LOVE it and get so excited every time we ride in it. Wendy asks if we will be taking the van wherever we go and jumps with joy with fists in the air when I say yes (like 7 times a day).

Anyway, next we went to Toys R Us so Jane could use the gift card they sent her for her birthday. I still hate this tradition because NOTHING in the store costs $3 but I warned her that she could only get a treat and we only let her look at the treats so that really helped. This year she chose Baby Bottle Pops for her and Wendy and was ecstatic to get her birthday balloon.

And then we played on the rides. For now they are happy without needing to put money in :)

When we were finally able to pry them out of the store we went to the Jump Zone! They talk about this place all year because we really only go on their birthdays but it's the place they choose each year as their birthday activity.

Boston was not a fan this time. He eventually warmed up to it in the end but only if Brandt was holding him. Reminded me of how Wendy was TERRIFIED of bounce houses when she was younger. I'll never forget Boston's face as he went down a HUGE slide with Brandt. He looked happy and excited the first half and then complete panic and terror took over his expression the second half. Poor kid! Naturally Brandt took him down it a second time. Same outcome.

Jane found a million new friends to play with and kept herself busy. She played so hard. She was DRIPPING in sweat after the first half hour but it didn't stop her. She loved it!

Hey look! Another gumball machine! She's pretending they are Gobstoppers which is what I'm supposed to buy to refill the machine with...

Wendy was as red as her shirt by the time we left. She eventually found a friend to play with and they were stuck together like glue. I love that kids can make friends wherever they go. Oh and have you noticed Wendy's outfit change in every picture!? She's the reason I do so much laundry! She can't wear the same outfit for more than a half hour any day. Sigh, such is life with my girly girl.

The kids were so tired and obediently came when we called them to leave. 2 hours is about all they can handle playing hard core like that. We drove straight to the dinner place of Jane's choosing, Leona's, which is a block away from our house. She really just chose it because they have an open room where they play movies and they spent most of the time in there watching Puss and Boots while Brandt, Boston and I sat at our table. I told the waiter it was her birthday so after we ate pizza they surprised her with ice cream. Here's my birthday girl while we sang happy birthday to her.

And at the end of the song I said, "Now blow out your pretend candle!" Ha! She totally did it!

And thought it was as funny as we did. She shared her ice cream with Wendy and Boston and then we headed home for baths (because they were SO gross from the Jump Zone) and then bed.

I love family birthdays every other year. It's so fun to let them choose whatever they want to do and spend the day doing it as a family. Jane chose well and we all had a blast.

Happy birthday sweet/funny/crazy girl!

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