Sunday, May 29, 2016

First beach day 2016

This last week has FINALLY been warm (above 50 degrees). It's actually been really hot but you won't hear me complaining because it took so long to stop being cold. One day last week I was going to take Wendy and Boston to a park but decided it was probably the last time I could take them to the beach before I have our baby so we got all sunscreened up and walked over there. It was so hard for me to not go get Jane from school to enjoy the beach with us but honestly I didn't have enough energy to get another kid ready for the beach (thanks to being 38 weeks pregnant). I'm SO glad we went. It was exhausting getting us all cleaned up afterward and kind of did me in for the day but they loved it and I loved laying on the towel watching them play.

Would you just look at this girl!? Could she get any cuter?!

I know this is basically the same picture but I couldn't choose between her expressions so I'm posting both. This is such a drastic difference from Wendy at the beach when she was younger. The girl who literally pooped her pants she was so scared of the sand. Sand and water are basically her life now and she LOVES the beach. She's been asking to go about every other day since January.

I was really disappointed when I saw flashes of younger Wendy when I got Boston out of the stroller. He's never really had a problem with the sand but he was REALLY not a fan of it when we got there. He wouldn't get off the blanket or stop fussing for the first 20 minutes. Luckily I brought two big towels so I shared my sand free zone with him. Then he discovered he could play with the sand and not have to touch it and was happy for the next 20 minutes.

 Cute Boston:

My towel buddy!

After that he started fussing because he really wanted to play in the water like Wendy but he didn't want to cross the sand to get there. I asked Wendy to hold his hand and walk him to the water and she was such a sweet angel and sister. He held her hand and she carefully and slowly guided him to the water. He got nervous a couple times but she was patient and helped him to the water.

Wendy showed him the joy of throwing rocks in the water and it was his favorite thing the rest of the time we were there. Here he is sneaking rocks from Wendy's pile when she turned her back to find more.

She wasn't too happy so he started finding his own rocks.

Winding up:

And release! Rinse and repeat a million times.

He definitely preferred the wet sand to the dry sand but I was so surprised and proud of him for overcoming his fear so quickly.

I think he'll enjoy the rest of 2016's beach days.

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