Sunday, May 08, 2016

Jane Elizabeth is 7!

Oh boy. Where to even start with this crazy child. This girl made me a mom. I've known her quite a long time now. She started off discontent in my arms unless I was walking around showing her everything, then she earned the name Hurricane Jane and now she's basically ready to rule the world (or at least would like to)!

My Jane. She is very sweet. A little bit ago I lost my car (long story) and I was stressed out, my hip was out because I'd walked so much and the baby was REALLY hugging my bladder. Jane went straight into crisis mode and started trying to help all she could with the other two kids and saying super sweet things to me. At one point we crossed in the middle of a street and Jane said, "Don't worry mom! I'll protect you! I'll risk my life for you, don't worry!" She then stood in the street with her arm outstretched at a car coming our way to make sure it didn't hit me. When this girl wants to be sweet, she's the sweetest girl in the whole world. Another time, we were pulling into Walgreens and she said, "Everyone is just ignoring that old man! He needs help but no one is helping him!" She proceeded to pull out some money from her wallet and dropped it in his cup. She beamed when he told her to have a good day at the same time she told that to him. The most recent example is when she heard some of our friends had bad luck with thieves and their car. She got busy working straight away on a note for my friend and added some money from her purse to the envelope before sealing it up. It just broke her heart and she wanted to help in any way she could.

My Janers. She is very crazy. She can hold her own with the boys and loves to laugh. She's fast too and can run and run forever. She hardly ever gets tired. I know she's sick if her energy dips below that of the sun. Sometimes she's too rough and the boys get scared of her. If she ever gets hurt while playing, she will cry sometimes but then snap out of it and get right back into being crazy. Nothing can stop this girl.

My JaneBo. She is the friendliest person I know. She will go up to random people and just start conversations with them whether it's at a restaurant and she's bored with us or at church where she will talk to every person in the room that she's never met, asking them about their childhood. She's always been a people person, even as a young toddler. She always finds people at the park to play with as if they've been friends for ages. She is besties with everyone in her class at school and when we get close to the school she usually runs off to meet up with whoever she sees as I'm saying goodbye to her. She knows she supposed to wave bye to me at the door before she goes in but she forgets half the time so I do our family whistle (the one from Fantastic Mr. Fox) and she turns and waves with a beaming smile.

My Janie. She is very smart. She is reading so well and loves to learn. Right now she reads the dictionary before falling asleep at night to learn new words. She's ROCKING multiplication and gets so excited when that's what her homework is. She's made honor roll 3 out of 3 quarters so far and I have no doubt she will get it again for the final quarter. Her teacher says she is a joy to have in class and everyone loves her. She's only struggling with listening/focusing and I told her teacher that I had no doubt about that. Janie can be a space cadet quite often. Her brain is just always thinking about the next thing or getting stuck on something you want her to move on from. Classic kid problem though...

Some of the things she loves: noodles with parmesan cheese, German pancakes, tacos, dried mangos, BBQ chips, building forts, hot water, her teddy bear, dressing up animals in Wendy's underwear or the new baby's clothes, giving random things to her classmates, art and singing. She doesn't like sleeping with a top sheet, staying in her bed after we tuck her in, pie, wearing anything other than the outfit she thinks makes her look like a young woman to church, getting her hair brushed, and gum.

When she grows up she still wants to be a graphic designer like her dad.

I love this girl. Our family would be a lot less fun if she were not in it. She's my first and I'm trying my best but luckily she's still forgiving me each day for my not so awesome mom moments. She's amazing. She's a joy. She's definitely the best first child I could have asked for.

Happy birthday Jane! Now you can stop growing up.

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