Saturday, May 28, 2016

Random May 2016

Here's some random fun from the month of May!

Wendy and I share a birthday/half birthday so since it was my birthday, it was Wendy's half birthday! It's tradition to go out to lunch to celebrate our special day so I picked her up from school and we headed to Steak n' Shake!

Because... milkshakes!

Who doesn't like milkshakes?! Lucky Boss got to join in the fun :)

Jane got Honor Roll for the third quarter in a row!

We are so proud of her!

Boss just chilling on the balcony with a snack. The girls taught him how to use a chair for your feet for some REAL relaxation and I cracked up when I saw him like this all on his own.

My cute Wendy:

Boss got "his" rainboots on all by himself! It helped that one of them is Wendy's but that doesn't matter, right?

 He's been spending a lot of time with the bear his Great Grandma gave him at Christmas. These two are good pals.

Twiners! I had no idea we matched until the lady at the checkout told me. Same long sleeve shirts, same maroon skinny jeans and we were both wearing Converse slip-ons! I guess I was really feeling this outfit when I got us both dressed for the day!

Pizza/Movie Night! I was sitting behind them and was kind of in love with my view. Jane was a pink kitty and was even wearing a leash and Wendy was wearing her favorite dress-up headband. I also love that Wendy's chair still had her name tag from months ago when Jane and her played school.

Classic Jane. Crazy Jane. My Jane. (wearing Wendy's pajama dress)

And, lastly, Grandma took the girls to the park but Boston didn't want to leave me (Being very pregnant, I was going to stay home). He was very conflicted and was crying. I decided we both needed Popsicles. He very much agreed.

Other moments:

This happened: We are FINALLY a one box of spaghetti family! No guessing and making too much or too little. Just perfect. I've waited almost 11 of my grown up years to get here!

Jane points to the three quarters next to me that Brandt gave me (he gives me his change every couple months when he gets it and calls it my allowance).
Jane: What's this?
Me: Dad gave it to me, it's my allowance.
Jane: For what?
Me: For being a mom.
Jane: Well, that's not fair...

Ha! These contractions I'm having definitely earn me three quarters.

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