Friday, June 17, 2016

1st Grade Field Trips

Jane went on two field trips this year... the first to Lincoln Park Zoo and the second to the beach near our house. Both were during the last couple months of school which had me wondering the whole year of they were going to do ANY field trips!

Both places are very public and free so Jane said we could come if we wanted but I was very pregnant so we didn't go. Luckily I got texts from another student's mom during both field trips with pictures of my not so little first grader. It made me smile getting those texts/pictures because I usually don't see Jane during the day or her interacting with her other classmates.

Here are pictures from her field trips:

At the barn part of the zoo:



This was from the beach park near our house. That's her teacher Mrs. Nelson.

Playing in the sand! I didn't even think about her pockets being filled with sand when she got home so we had a lot of cleaning to do after she played around the house for an hour before realizing it!

Cute and silly Jane and her friend Candy:

Most of her class.

Looks like she had a great time on both field trips!

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