Saturday, June 04, 2016

Boston Knight: 2 years old!

Boston is my sunshine. His big brown eyes, his huge smile, his hilarious laugh... How have I lived 29 years without him?!

I have enjoyed this past year SO much. The transition from 2 to 3 kids was so easy because Boston is awesome and this year was no different. He's SUCH a great 3rd child. He's so happy, exploitative, snugly, silly, and has started to be very independent.

Some of his favorite things are:
-His blanket. Luckily we've been able to withhold it during the day unless he is napping and the last 6 weeks he's been ok with it. When he's done with a nap or when he wakes up in the morning he hands it to us for us to put away and then he reaches his arms up to get picked up out of his crib. He goes down for his nap and bed SO well because he looks forward to getting his blanket and when you say, "Bossy, you want your blanky?", he gives you the biggest smile and runs to his crib. While I hold him in my arms and sing his favorite, "twinkle twinkle", he sucks his thumb, snuggles with his blanket and cuddles into me. It's probably my favorite time of day and not because he's going down for a nap... because he's SO sweet.
-His thumb. BUT, he's our first kid to only suck his thumb at sleep time. He never sucks his thumb during the day! I'm hoping this makes it easier to wean him from it. Side note: He takes great naps. They are usually 2.5-3 hours long and he sleeps from 7pm-7am at night.
-The balcony. He loves sitting out there and saying hi to everyone that passes. He also loves eating out there and when I give him a snack he runs straight to the balcony and motions for me to open the door so he can go out.
-Hiding. When he knows Brandt is about to brush his teeth or get him ready for bed, Boston will run to me yelling, "Hide! Hide! Hide!" and will climb up on me to get covered with a blanket or pillows. Lately he has been being SO still and quiet waiting to hear Brandt come calling for him. I loves his cuddles while he hides and his big eyes looking up to me trying to focus on hearing Brandt coming.
-Elevator buttons. He has seriously grown inches in the last few months. Before, Jane or Wendy had to lift him up to press the elevator buttons but now he can reach them all on his own! He loves pressing them for us and gets mad when someone does it for him.
-Climbing on unsafe things. Ugh, this one drives me crazy! He will climb on anything unsafe and then slowly stand up, raising his hands over his head in triumph giving me a huge smile. He has yet to fall thank goodness.
-When dad comes home. Oh I wish everyone could experience the joy he shows when Brandt comes home from work. He runs as fast as he can and screams till he finds him at the door. I'd say he sure loves his daddy but honestly he's really good at showing us both love and equal sadness when we leave.
-Baths. I really think he gets dirty at dinner on purpose so he has to take a bath. He loves playing in water and would take a bath at least once a day if we let him.
-Wendy. He loves randomly hugging Wendy when Wendy's not paying attention to him.
-Jane. He loves playing with Jane. Jane gets him to laugh like no one else. She loves to carry him around and they usually get along really well.

Some things he doesn't love:
-Anyone touching his ears.
-Being told no.  
That's about it!

Favorite foods:
-berries/any fruit
-sour cream and onion chips
-ice cream and popsicles
-veggies but only before a meal while I'm cutting them
-plain abelskivers and german pancakes
-orange juice and lemonade
-whole apples

Not favorite foods:
-whipped cream
-apple juice
-sausage on pizza

A few random things about Boston:
-Boston falls when he runs probably 85% of the time. He cries about it 1% of the time. He's such a tough dude! He just says a little sad or surprised, "Ow" and stands back up, continuing to run.
-In the last couple months he's started demanding to feed himself. I'm super sad about this but it's also nice. I think I've spoon fed him way longer than the other kids but he wants to do it on his own now. He's actually really good at eating yogurt on his own. He can also drink from a cup really well and loves to drink out of water bottles the right way (not putting his whole mouth over the opening). He only uses sippy cups for water in his crib.
-He still isn't talking much. He says, momma, mo (more), eese (please), papa (Heavenly Father), dadda, taytoo (thank you), up, hi (and hi for bye), dat (that), dis (this), wawa (water), no, yesh (yes), oh, wow, ow (when he hurts himself), kaka (cracker) and uppa uppa (clean up clean up). Half of those he only says if we ask him to say them but he babbles a lot and we love hearing him gibber jabber with such seriousness.
-One our favorite things is when Boston is super excited about something or eats something intense like lemon juice, how he gets so expressive and he gets what we call starfish hands. Seeing him tense up and spread his fingers out as far as they'll go crack us up every time.
-He still gets so happy and claps for "amen" at the end of prayers. I sure hope he learns how to say "amen" before he gets too old but for now his "amen" clap is super cute.

Boston, we all love you so so so much. Your little self is such a huge part of the joy we have in our home. Sometimes I have to throw you over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes because you usually don't come when I ask you to but it doesn't upset me. You hardly ever make us grumpy because you're super cute when you're being a stinker. Your smile can get you anything in this world so I hope you use it wisely. I wish I could have two of you; one that stays exactly how you are now and one that grows up so I can see what you'll be like when you get older. Since that's not possible I am enjoying every single day with you the way you are now so I don't get sad when you grow up. We are so happy you are in our family.

Happy birthday Boss, Boston, Bossy Boy, Boston Knight (when you're in trouble), Turkey (when you're being a stinker)!

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