Tuesday, June 21, 2016

First Grade: Check!

Jane rocked first grade! She got honor roll each quarter, only getting B's in 2 things... Gym (she's kinda lazy when it comes to sports) and "Focusing" (uh, duh... she's a space cadet). She made so many friends, can do multiplication and read like a pro. She had a really good year, was challenged and had a great teacher who put up with her spaciness and love of telling jokes... All. The. Time. Her teacher said everyone loved her and she was a joy to have in class. I believe it. She's pretty awesome.

 First day of 1st Grade:
 Last day of 1st Grade:

She aged years this year! She's not a baby anymore for sure!

 Cute girl loves that headband and bow. I think she's worn it 80% of the school year!

I love her smile.

New Field has been a great school:

I'm so glad we could send her to our neighborhood school (a lot of them are no good) instead of driving around Chicago every day.

He teacher, Mrs. Nelson, did such a great job with her and Jane loved her.

Jane and her friend Lynn. Wendy needed to be in the picture, naturally.

For her end of school treat I let her have her very own Italian ice. You may not think this would be a big deal to her but we never let her have them, let alone her own, because they are so expensive (compared to popsicles, etc).

It made her day for sure.

I'm a little nervous for 2nd grade and the changes it will bring (how the teacher will handle her, homework, etc) but I know she's excited and ready!

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