Thursday, June 30, 2016

Random June

 Here are some pictures and fun from the month of June!

I went to pick Wendy up from school and Grandma suggested I take Wendy out on a lunch date. It was such a good idea and I was thankful she offered to watch Boston so I could spend time with Wenders before the baby comes. We went to a fancy place we'd never been to before. She sure is a beauty. She even shared her ice cream with me that came with her kids meal.

 Here is Jane at her after school art class showing off the project she made.

 The girls on the left went to preschool with her a couple years before. So fun they got to take art class together!

On National Donut Day we all went downtown to get some donuts and after dropping Brandt off at work we went to a park by his office with Grandma.

Cute boy loved walking up this. Afterwards we went to get more donuts :)

Jane needed her hair done for crazy hair day so Wendy wanted hers done too.

I did hers like Jane's but it turned out even better.

Jane made a fort with her easel, blankets and some chip clips. My favorite part was the sign she put on the outside. It just so happens to be exactly the same as the sign on the door to the restrooms at Morse Market. I wish I could live inside Jane's awesome head for a day.

We had a baby mid month! Our lives sure changed a little! Wendy's sure did because now she wants to spend every waking moment holding our little Fox. How can I say no? She's so sweet!

I'm not sure who put Jane's teddy bear in the car seat but EVERY TIME I walked past the car seat or it caught the corner of my eye I'd have a quick panic that I left the baby in it! I finally just took it out so I'd quit panicking.

Father's Day was a week after Logan was born so I wasn't really prepared for it but still wanted to do something because he's a great dad AND he just had a new baby so it was a REAL Father's Day. This is what I came up with while he took the kids to church. Ha! Taped some stuff together from the recycling bin Jane style and made him a trophy. SO lame but makes me laugh. Filled it with candy and he was thankful. At least he showed that he was. He's such a good spouse/friend/dad.

 After Brandt shared the candy with the kids Boston claimed it.

What better container to eat craisins out of?

First day on my own with FOUR kids! I was kinda freaking out that I wasn't freaking out...

The day actually went as well as it could!

"Can I hold him?" He has her heart.

Warm day + Mom just had a baby = water party (using the sled from last winter) on the balcony

Another day we just spent time sitting in bowls brushing our teeth on the balcony. Ha!

I did decide to be super brave and take all four kids to the exploritorium one last time before we go to Utah and to see our friends Kai and Ina.

It went well, thanks to their Dad's help while I fed Logan. We'll miss them!

I took this picture because we were hanging out on the balcony and it was SO humid. His hair! I knew he needed a haircut but man, look at those curls from the humidity!

Goodbye Chicago! Utah here we come!

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