Monday, June 27, 2016

The Brinkerhoffs Drive to Utah!

I spent the week packing and getting ready for our trip to Utah in between taking care of a 2 week old and three other rug rats. It was a little nuts. I think I only had one super duper hard day where nothing worked out as planned and my nerves were on edge. Long story short I had to run 5 errands (one was to re-buy a travel toy I accidentally shipped to Texas) and the last one took me way out of my way during Boston's nap time. Brandt and I really wanted bagels from Einstein Bros to eat the next day on our drive super early in the morning. I decided to go south to one I hadn't been to because it was closer than going north at that point but after getting lost, not being able to find it, paying for parking and walking a crazy distance with four kids right after having a baby I found out they had closed for the summer. !! I called Brandt in tears. I just couldn't go to the other one and was just so tired. He told me to not worry about it and he'd figure it out. It was hard to not worry about it because I had done all that with nothing to show for it but turned out the place he was going to lunch was right next to an Einstein Bros and he was able to get us the bagels we really wanted. I have a gem of a husband. 

So, I packed us all up and we left about 6:30am. Day one of our drive went as smoothly and enjoyable as I could have ever dreamed. The kids were angels. We drove 16 hours that day and it didn't even feel like it. We stayed at a hotel that night in Cheyenne, WY after watching the most beautiful sunset and then an hour or so of playing with glow sticks in the van. I was really worried about packing us all in one hotel room but it wasn't bad at all. The girls shared a bed, we made a bed for Boston on the floor (more on that in a second) and Logan slept in a pack n play. We got the kids ready for bed and then Brandt put them down while I got ready in the bathroom. I was in there maybe ten minutes. When I came out every one of our kids was asleep... sound asleep! I couldn't believe it. We were nervous about Boston sleeping on the floor because he'd never not slept in a crib but he was SO excited about his "cool" bed and got right in and fell right to sleep. Probably helped that it was 4 hours past his bedtime and he only took like a 20 minute nap on the drive. 

The next day we ate breakfast at the hotel (the kids loved their mini boxes of cereal and even grabbed an extra for the road) and then we left for another 7 hours of driving. The kids were far from angels on this day but I don't blame them. The girls fought a lot and Boston cried a lot because we think he needed to poop but couldn't sitting in his car seat. Then he started crying because the trains he enjoyed watching were not longer out his window. Rough life that kid has. My favorite moment was when I took away Jane's speaking privileges for a while when we were about 30 minutes from our destination because she wasn't being nice. Brandt eventually asked the girls if they thought the mountains and reservoir were amazing. Wendy answered but Jane didn't. Jane had done such a good job being quiet (due to a serious threat of compliance) that I let her speak again when we were about 10 minutes away. The first thing she said was, "And yes, Dad, I liked the mountains." Ha! We'd forgotten we asked her a question but she remembered to answer it the whole time!

We FINALLY got to Grandma and Grandpa's house around 4:30pm, just in time to see them drive away to go to a family party. We chatted for a minute and then they left, we unpacked and got settled. It felt so good to be done driving and we were so glad it went pretty well and we made it safely. 

Here are some pictures from our trip:

Cute girls keeping busy, perfectly content.

Wendy just trying to get comfortable.

A little adjustment and there, that's much better.

Jane got pretty comfy too.

Then she got creative and made some glasses to help her read her book.

This is pretty much what Logan did the whole time (when he wasn't eating).

Boston spent all but this 20 minutes of nap time playing with squishy balls I bought for the trip. That $7 was the best $7 I ever spent.

Lunch time! We couldn't find food for about 2 hours and then we couldn't get to the place we wanted for a while because the exit was closed without warning. It was a little frustrating (understatement) but worth it. After lunch we all got ice cream and those cones were so huge no one finished theirs except Jane. Then, Jane finished her dad's and then wanted to finish all of ours but I cut her off.

My ice cream lover and her daddy.

Wendy Bendy and me!

This is Boston the next day when the trains weren't in view any more.

It basically ruined his life. Poor kid.

Wendy took a nap (I love seeing her sleeping, she's a beauty) and Jane did what she did most of the trip... read the book her daddy spent weeks gathering content, designing and binding. It was full of lyrics to songs he put on mix CDs specifically for our trip. We'd listen to the songs and Jane would sing along from her book. When we weren't listening to the music she'd just read her book to herself. It was the most genius thing Brandt has ever thought of and was so perfect for Jane.

So glad that trip is over though and are excited to spend the summer in Utah!

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