Monday, July 04, 2016

July 4th, 2017

I LOVE July 4th in Utah. I love the weather, the parade, the breakfast at the parade, the family... it's super fun. Since Brandt was on paternity leave, the timing to be in Utah for it worked out perfectly. Here are some pictures from that day.

This two year old and his excitement! Also, Jane's a beauty.

Fire trucks! Police!

I've watched this video a million times and laugh every time. I love his shock and Jane cracking up. I'm SO glad I got this on camera!

Jane! You are one super fun person. I love you.

Wendy! What a heart melter! You're cuteness is unbelievable. I love you.

Bossy! My brown-eyed boy. I love you.

I feel super blessed to live in America where we have so many freedoms and comforts.

I also feel super blessed to have this family. Heavenly Father is too good to me.

A little piano time with Lily after the parade:

 Since I'm a mean mom and don't let my kids stay up late enough to see fireworks, we always do them during the day. Brody had some sweet adult poppers and they were awesome.

It took a few tries to throw the poppers hard enough to burst them but he eventually got it: 

My one-shoe Jane had a blast.

Maybe next year I'll let her stay up to watch the fireworks with me.

My three different children. Jane was all for the fireworks we set off. She wanted to light them. Wendy wanted to pretend they weren't even there. Last year she cried and cried because she was so scared. Boston was scared but couldn't look away. 

Watching one of the fireworks go off. I LOVE this reaction he does when he's amazed at something. Starfish hands!

Sparklers! I can't believe I let my baby hold it without more supervision!

Fire! Sparks!

Ha! Yeah... my baby is holding fire. I'm freaking out looking at these pictures!

1 out of 4 feet covered isn't bad, right?! Ha!

What a fun day!

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