Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Jane's First Day of 2nd Grade

Oh, Jane! What a wonderful day she had yesterday! The last week we've talked about school starting and she has been really excited. When I asked her what she was going to wear on her first day she showed me her favorite uniform clothes. I told her she didn't have to wear uniform at this school and that she could wear whatever she wanted but she said so proudly, "I decided it's my decision and I'm going to wear uniform." I finally talked her out of it but I thought it was so funny that after 2 years of wearing uniform for school it was like her second skin and she liked it. She decided on some new heart jeggings and the DIY shirt she got from the tooth fairy the week before. She lost her 8th tooth, biting into raw corn on the cob while we were in Chicago packing and we made a deal that she'd wait for the tooth fairy to come until we were in our new house because the tooth fairy had THE PERFECT gift for her at our new house. I've had this gift waiting for a really long time just for this purpose. Anyway, she designed it and I absolutely love it. It's so Jane.

So, we woke up much too early that morning to her bursting into our room exclaiming, "Guess what?! It's my first day of school!!!!" We both quickly went, "SHHHHHH!" Ha! She was so excited. After taking pictures and pouring a bowl of cereal, she only had enough time to take a few bites before we had to leave. We were walking with our neighbors and she didn't want to miss that so she didn't finish her cereal. I told her it was ok because I didn't want her to be hungry but you could just see the excitement in her eyes and that eating was a burden right then.

We ran across the street to meet up with our neighbors and then off to school we went. Her and our neighbor boy, Sam, who is also in 2nd grade but a different class became instant best friends (they even wrote about each other in their respective classes when they had to write about new friends they met the first day).

Here are her first day of school pictures:

This was her first pose all on her own. Can you tell she was excited?

Jane laughs are just so fun. She's always been such a happy girl and her laugh just makes me happy.

Jane, Wendy and I played the silent game last week and Jane was always the first one to bust up laughing and then me because I can't help but laugh when she does. Wendy won every time. 

This is the shirt she designed. It says:
Jane is the 
Jane is the 
Jane is the 
Love it! (pronounced "Looooove it!")
Jane is the 
Jane is the 
Jane is the 

My cute 2nd grader!

I always have her make a silly face and this face cracked me up. She's still quite the Hurricane Jane.

"Jane, what grade are you in?"

Here's Sam and Jane walking together. See, instant best friends.

When we got to her school I got to go into her classroom and help her get settled. She found her hook and desk right away.

 I asked her if she wanted to take a picture with her teacher (who she met the week before and who also goes to our church!) or if she wanted to just stay at her desk. I was SOOOO hoping she would say take a picture with her teacher but knew she was getting older and was going to be ok if she didn't want it. She thought about it for a second and then chose to take a picture with Mrs. Saunders. Inner Christina did back flips.

I said goodbye to her and left before backing up to get a second look at her through the door. She was beaming and had already made friends with her whole table. She's such a friendly little girl and I love it.

After school we all sat around the table eating Jane's favorite cinnamon chip bread and talked about her day. I asked her what the best part of her day was and she said, "Getting recess two times and no homework. Just the best day ever and I'm a SECOND GRADER!" I asked her what the most fun thing was and she said, "Making Jitter Juice!" She said it was sherbet and Sprite and they got to watch it fizz. Lastly, I asked her if there was anything sad or scary about the day and she said, "Nope, nothing." She totally rocked her first day of school. I'm so glad it went so well and is going so well. She's going to have a great year!

Earlier that morning she asked me to tighten the waste of her pants and this was our conversation:

Jane: Can you tighten my pants?
Me: No, they don't have the pull things. You just need to get chubbier.
Jane: You said to stop growing!
Me: You can get chubbier, just don't get older. 

And that's EXACTLY how I feel. Please, please, please stop getting older!

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