Thursday, September 01, 2016

Baby Bunnies

We moved in just up the street from our cousins (we had no idea) and our cousin's rabbit JUST had babies so we definitely had to go see them. The girls are naturals with animals. We've never had (and never will have) pets but they know just what to do and aren't afraid to pick them up (I am). For instance, they keep telling people we have a pet cat because our backdoor neighbors have an outdoor cat named Mr. Bells and Mr. Bells LOVES our yard. They pretend it's theirs because he's always around. The first day we were here the cat came in like 5 times. The girls would just pick it up and bring it back outside at my request (panicked demand). I would be way too scared to pick it up so thankfully I have some animal lovers in my home.

Anyway, back to the bunnies. Here are some pictures of the girls holding the week old bunnies. Afterward they went and played with the chickens behind them (I am way too chicken to do that).

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