Thursday, September 01, 2016

Busy Sunday

Our first Sunday in our new home we had quite an entrance to our new ward. Right as we were walking in, Boston tripped and slammed his nose into the curb. Blood. Everywhere. His nose has since had time to recover and luckily didn't ever bruise that bad as it healed! That was the most exciting thing that happened that day. We just unpacked some more and rested.

The second Sunday in our new home was busy busy. My brother Josh was in town and we were finally stocked with food so Brandt made ebelskivers for breakfast and then we headed to church. We met with the new Bishopric, Brandt got a new calling, and then we came home for lunch before driving south the Orem. Right when we got there we picked some plums off the neighbor's fruit tree (mmmmm) and then Logan had a blowout. I, being a fourth time mom, did NOT bring an extra set of clothes (I don't know what I was thinking). What a perfect excuse to go see my bestie Nicole. We got Logan dressed, chatted for a while (mostly me complaining about everything that's gone wrong since we moved here which I'll write about one day) and then I got to see her awesome jelly fish. I mean, you've got to be awesome to have pet jelly fish. After I left her house I picked up Brandt, Josh and Boston and we met up with everyone else at the park for cousin dinner. I love that we live close enough to go to that. The cousins are fun and the food is good. Finally we drove back home and got the kiddos down for the night just an hour late. It wasn't a restful Sunday but it sure was fun and a good start to the week.

Here are some pictures from our day:

Josh hung Brandt's hammock under our deck. The kids won't stop going out there to lay on it.

So fun and cuddly.

Hey, as long as they aren't fighting or waking up the baby, I'm fine with it.

Here's my little naked chubbers.

He's getting so many rolls!

Now he just needs some hair!

Uncle Josh (which is the 4th name Boston can say after Mom, Dad and Papa), Brandt and Bossy at cousin dinner:

We miss Josh. Luckily we ONLY live 3.5 hours from him! BTW Josh, Boss keeps asking for you.

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