Monday, September 26, 2016

Logan Fox: 16 Weeks

Another lazy day today. Don't get me wrong, I've got PLENTY to do but I just have to get it done in between Logan being up because when he's awake I'm all his. Today we just sat around trying to be quiet while Boston napped, Wendy watched Dinosaur Train and the maintenance man fixed our back door. I'm not sure if I'll love the kids finally being able to open the back door themselves but I will love not having to open it for them every time they come in and out.

Anyways... back to the Fox...

It's so hard to get smiles out of this kid so taking pictures of him has been challenging. He usually only smiles when I lay him down for a diaper change and when that's happening, I don't dare try and take pictures. He also smiles VERY briefly if I lay him on my chest for tummy time. I ALMOST got a good smile on camera today so I'll take what I got.

He's loving the shopping cart hammock I got and I'm loving it too. So much room for groceries and he's happy just about the whole time. I would be too... that thing looks comfy.

He's sleeping through the night all the time now and takes about 2 out of 4 good naps a day.

He's SO wobbly and definitely still requires both hands when I'm holding him. He's also quite the spitter-upper these days. I seriously stink of spit-up at the end of the day but there's no point in changing my shirt during the day so it's the first to go after I put him down for the night.

He loves to hold onto my hand when I nurse him and it's my favorite moment of every day. Just him and me and his tiny hand wrapped around my pointer finger.

Still hates his car seat. Won't nap in it unless we've been driving a long time but those long hours of him being awake at church... worth it for this smile, even if it is very brief.

We noticed him and Wendy were twins today so we had to take a picture.

She loves him so so much. He'll always have her as a bestie whether he likes it or not :)

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