Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Logan Fox: Blessing Day

We were able to have Logan's baby blessing last weekend at our house. It was the first baby blessing I've done at a home before but it was so perfect. Family came and some of our friends from Chicago were able to come to. The Bishop did an amazing job at bringing the spirit and making the blessing feel so special. Brandt gave him a wonderful blessing and Logan didn't make a peep the whole time. I think he was listening :)

Here are some pictures from Logan's special day:

 My cute little baby boy!

 I put this outfit on him 4 times that day to take pictures and then took it off in case he spit up or leaked on it. He was a champ through all the wardrobe changes!

"Is THAT why you kept changing me?! What, do you think I'm 3 months old and incapable of controlling my fluids?" Yes, yes I do.

 My studly little fox:

Our little family! I doubt we're going to get good family pictures from here on out because there are just too many of us now but this picture will bring back fond memories like 1) That's one of Jane's uniform dresses from 1st grade. She wears it almost as fast as it comes out of the wash and has worn uniform clothes 3 out of 4 weeks of school even though she doesn't have to. It's fine buuuuut, they're from a year ago and she's grown a lot since then! I guess she's just used to it after 2 years of blue and white... 2) The dress Wendy is wearing is oddly called the "bubble gum" dress. Someone gave it to us when Jane was little and they've both loved it. 3) My Bossy Boy and his cute smile. 4) Brandt and I looking like we have things together but still have no idea what we're doing! Eeek!

Grandma and Grandpa (or Papa as Boston calls him) came up from Orem. They've been so helpful as we find our way here. I'm sure we'd be drowning without them!

Uncle Joshy! I love that Logan looks like Josh. Josh has always been my little baby brother and now I have a new little baby Josh! I hope they can see each other very often.

Angela's family and Josh drove all the way from Idaho (3.5 hours each way) and back in the same day just to spend a few hours with us. What a huge kindness! It was so good to see them and share this day with them.

Uncle Brody and Aunt Jenni! Two of the most fun people I know. I'm sure glad they like our crazy family because we love spending time with them!

Logan and his half birthday/birthday twin cousin Ezra! Exactly 6 months apart, these two!

Logan with my bestie Nicole. He's so lucky to have her as a faux Aunt and I'm so lucky to have moved to the same state as her!

It was so fun seeing and laughing with everyone and even more fun making and eating the most delicious chicken I've ever eaten! 100% homemade chicken sandwiches! Brandt made the chicken and pickles, I made the biscuits and slaw and Ang and Josh made the honey butter. Heaven on a biscuit!

It was sad to see everyone go (and sad to see BYU lose to Utah later that night) but we felt happy and whole at the end of the day. So grateful for family, friends and that we have this little guy in our family. We love you Logan!

A note from Mommy:

Hey there little Fox! You're three months old now and I think you're starting to enjoy life. We sure are enjoying life with you in it! When I get you up from a nap and lay you down to change your diaper I always take a minute to look into your eyes till you see me because the smile you give when you recognize it's me just melts my heart and makes me laugh! I love your bright blue eyes, tiny nose and chubby cheeks. You're quite wiggly and are starting to enjoy sucking on your fist/fingers/wrist whenever you manage to get them up to your mouth. You're starting to sleep through the night and the last three nights slept 7pm-7am. Thanks for that, by the way! You take a bottle once a week and just started taking a binky again but you're not hooked on it. You can't keep it in your mouth long but I don't mind snuggling you and popping it back in every couple minutes. If you don't have a binky in your mouth you don't like to sit down long. The only way we can calm you is to hold you and walk around. Jane was like this... I wonder if you'll be like her.

You still hate baths and so far have only had one you didn't scream the whole time. Luckily wrapping you up and snuggling you at the end calms you down. Boston calls you "baby" and cries when you cry. He doesn't like it when you're sad and is the first to tell us when you're crying. Wendy asks to hold you all the time but we've started protecting you and saying no because you don't love it very much. It always upsets you. Don't worry, she loves you tons and will be your best friend. To her you are Logie or Foxy. Jane is kind of oblivious to you which honestly is probably for the best. She's a leeeeeetle crazy :) Daddy loves to see you when he gets a chance. He's usually helping with the other three but when he gets a moment with just you, you both love it. Me? Oh Logan/Logo/Fox my boy, I'll admit, having 4 is hard but having you as my 4th makes it worth it. I'll do my best to help you and teach you and be there to give you kisses when you're hurt. I love holding you and kissing your bald little head. You make me happy.

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