Friday, September 02, 2016

Plum Picking

One of my favorite things about this summer has been all the fresh picked produce. Grandma's garden has provided raspberries, corn, tomatoes (I can't even believe how much flavor a fresh tomato has) and much more. Boston has been a HUGE fan of her currant bush. But, their neighbors have a plum tree they let us pick from and oh my goodness they are so good! The girls started picking them when they were waaaay unripe and would pick them and eat bites just to be shocked by the tartness but about a month later the plums are big and perfectly ripe.

Here are the kids climbing the tree to pick some fruit on a lazy Sunday afternoon last month:

She was a little nervous about picking one from the branch she was on. In the past she just reached up from solid ground to pick a plum.

I told her she'd be fine. She finally believed me.

 There's the confidence. Go Wendy!

Jane picked me so many plums. I was grateful.

I love these next few shots of all of them.

They seriously loved being outdoors all summer and I loved that they could experience all the fresh food.

But oh the filthiness. Ha! They should have had baths every day but we settled on washing their feet before bed every night :) That's just too much work!

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