Thursday, September 08, 2016

Wendy's First Day of Preschool (Yr. 3)

Wendy's special day has finally arrived! She's been asking, "After this day?" or "After the next day?" until yesterday when I could finally say "YES! After this day!" I overheard her exclaim to Brandt this morning, "Jane has school and I have school and you have work!" I think she's a bit excited. This is a complete 180 from the day we went in to meet her teacher. Wendy freaked out when we opened the door to walk in and right as she stepped in the building she stepped back and would NOT go in. I finally had to just pick her up and she clung to me so hard I couldn't pry her off. She wouldn't look at the teacher (who is probably the nicest person in the whole world) or even grab the bag of fruit snacks Miss Karen was giving to her (she was too shy to take fruit snacks!)! I told Miss Karen to be prepared for this not working out because if Wendy was going to act this way and it was going to be a fight I definitely was going to spend that $135 a month on massages for myself! When I asked her how school was after meeting the teacher she said, "It was noooooooooot awesome." Ha! That still cracks me up.

So, fast forward to today, her first real day of preschool... she rocked it! She hopped out of the van and walked in with her teacher. She was so excited. I understand her shyness, I was super shy as a kid (still kind of am). She's probably got it 10 times worse than I did so I feel for her. I was soooooo soooo happy her brain switched and is able to enjoy it. I'll miss getting those monthly massages but I'm glad Wendy is getting some big girl time with friends.

Here are some pictures of my preschooler!

My BEAUTIFUL preschooler!

It was so fun taking pictures of her. She was so cooperative and sweet!

She was so happy!

Gah! Wendy, you're adorable. You picked out this dress on your own and shoes to match, and asked me to do your hair. You've got a good sense of style.

I asked for her best silly face. She didn't know what to do so she did this.

Then she really got into it.

Shifty eyes! Always my favorite.

Boston cried on the way home saying, "Dede, bye. Dede bye." As I type this he's pointing at Wendy's pictures whining, "Dede! Dede!"

 Wendy, you're getting too grown up. You have two wiggly teeth, you can write your name all by yourself and impressed me by knowing all the letters in our family's names by sight yesterday. How old are you again!? You're still super cuddly and sweet. When I cry you hold me and pat me on my back not asking when you can be done. You just hold me till I tell you I'm better. You've also got a killer grumpy face and foot stomp. I will admit I'm slightly scared of your teenage years but I'll enjoy this ride with you.

Because you're funny and crazy and I love ya baby girl!

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